I have read that an ESC is not using the same cooling internal circuit while operating at 100% or at 50 / 75%, and that therefore, the ESC cooling system will be more powerful at 100% than at 50 / 75%, so it advised to use the right prop to allow the ESC to run at 100%

What is the logic behind this calculation, and is that correct ?

I am using 3000w 100KV 12S motors and a 140A ESC.

Thank you 

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  • A drone who has engines at 100% can not balance. You must have 10% - 20% to keep the balance.

    MOSFET + PWM ... no difference in efficiency 0% - 100%.

  • Do you know whether you were reading about ESCs designed for brushed motors or brushless motors?

    I know of ESCs that handle more power when operating at 100%... but that was because they effectively just connect the DC brushed motor straight to the battery at full throttle (no switching, just on... where less switching = less heat generation). But the type of ESCs we use on most drones these days simply cannot do anything like that as they use brushless motors that are very different and cannot simply be connected to a DC source (switching is always necessary, regardless of throttle or desired output).

  • I am fascinated by the idea that an ESC used on a multirotor has a cooling system. Are you speaking of the prop wash? Where did you read this?

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