Buffalo, WY

About Me:

Flying RC since 1970. Brand new to multicopter. Have built many Radios, receivers, servos, back in the day ( when my eyesight was a bitt better)in the 70's and 80's. I go back to Heathkits, Ace, Royal Receivers, Kraft, ProLine, and had my first Futaba radio when they were a new thing. Fly planes and dabbled with helicopters and pre-built multicopters. Don't remember when I last purchased a pre built PC, but beyond learning the basics of BASIC am not a programmer. My favorite programming language is solder!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

General hobby use, I just like the idea of automatic stabilization and autonomous flight, a dream when I started into RC. Hell, when I started a good day was 3 flights without a crash!


Buffalo, Wyoming ( A transplant from North East Ohio )

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Joe Breznai commented on Chris's blog post Scratch-built monocopter tutorial
"Built one of these YEARS ago with an Cox.049. Maybe of some help.
Sep 25, 2018
Joe Breznai replied to Fabrice LE BARS's discussion Land activation at around 1 m of altitude sent the quadrotor at 4.6 m (unexpected CTUN.DAlt)
" I know the RTL command "RTL_ALT: RTL Altitude" can be set to climb to a certain height before a RTL  Needs to be set to 0 to avoid a climb I believe.
I had a low battery FS kick in once, copter went to RTL mode as programmed for that event,( that I…"
May 31, 2017
Joe Breznai posted a blog post
http://www.dji.com/newsroom/news/dji-proposes-electronic-identifica... Proposes Electronic Identification Framework For Small DronesRemote Identifier Would Provide Accountability While Protecting Drone Operator…
Mar 28, 2017
Joe Breznai replied to Hoang Cong Anh's discussion Drone cannot take off, strange sound appears
"Sounds like low voltage alarm, look here
Did you go through set up per manual at this page ?
Sound warnings at here
Sep 17, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to SHRADDHA BARAWKAR's discussion Propeller dynamics
"Google  "p factor"  you will find a lot there from easy to complex."
Jul 9, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Christian Mauch's discussion Safety First: 100A & 200A Hall Sensor with BEC for Pixhawk / APM
"I just wanted to let everyone here know that the service and quality on Christian Mauch's products is stellar. Today I had a 2 wires come lose from my BEC to Sensor board when installing in a new quad. Not being sure of the pin outs, I email him…"
Jul 2, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Bede Wolf's discussion Pixhawk - Back-Up Power via USB port
"Take a look at this- works really great is independent and light:


Jun 7, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Randy's discussion PixRacer with Ardupilot
"Look at the notes on the first post of this thread."
May 21, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Randy's discussion PixRacer with Ardupilot
"Thanks, Scott."
Mar 8, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Randy's discussion PixRacer with Ardupilot
"With Pixracer, and Copter-3.3.4-pixracer does the LED on the safety switch blink when unarmed  or does it remain solid red  at all times?
Mar 5, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to UAVStuff's discussion Extending cable length on uBlox GPS and Telemetry Radio?
"look for       H2183-ND
and for wires, lots of lengths 
Mar 5, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Philip's discussion What is Pixhawk 2? in Pixhawk 2 User Group
"This design looks really great. Have you considered if the carrier board case could have mounting hole tabs added?  I really hate double side tape holding things together on my aircraft. If the "cube" really has internal vibration protection…"
Feb 29, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Brent Secord's discussion Sorting good info from bad
Feb 21, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
Feb 16, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Randy's discussion PixRacer with Ardupilot
"Not sure if this is a different issue, or same that Randy has already seen,  ( He mentioned Master having this problem), but I have not been able to get any APM software to load on my Pixracer using QGroundcontrol or Mission Planner, including using…"
Feb 15, 2016
Joe Breznai replied to Ron LaBorde's discussion Mission Planner 1.3.32 "unknown" flight mode
"Did you try hitting "Control F" in Mission Planner and select "Param Gen"? I had something similar once and that fixed MP for me. Worth a try maybe."
Jan 15, 2016