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OK I have been following the discussion boards, and am confused as to where I go from here. I finely have purchased all the hardware and have built a multicopter but am un-sure whether I use the wlki instructions or use the instructions at for initial setup.

Also I have the new prop adaptors that came with my blue 850 motors and have discovered that the prop nuts have a lot of run-out or are drilled off center.  I am wondering what the tread size is so I can replace with regular prop-nuts to eliminate this problem.


Also do I do the setup procedure using the USB  port or using the ar radio I have installed?



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  • TBH it looks like you can use either. I haven't had a whole lot of time looking through the new site yet, but what I have seen it looks to spot on. If you get stuck somewhere you can always go to the wiki.

    As for which to use, you will be using the USB for the first little bit until you get the transmitter all setup. Then if you have a "3DR" telemetry radio you can go wireless. If you have no idea what that is, you will need to stay with the usb option until you do have that radio.

    Good luck! and take your time with everything that you setup. If you don't know what something is ask! AVOID unnecessary crashes.

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Aug 25