RTL Motor shutdown, high wind.

All has been going well since  I did Autotune earlier this week. When flying my Quad 2 days ago in High winds ;20mph, gusting to 26mph , all was going well until the last RTL. I was ABOVE RTL altitude, engaged RTL, copter started to descend, then - I think - a gust of wind hit it and it started to roll, but then the motors stopped and copter fell to ground.  Previous RTL during same flight was OK.  Running TLOG afterward show a Disarmed- Crash condition occurring at 50 feet or so, which sounds about right from what I remember. It is at @ 93% on TLOG and Line 33000 on LOG.


Flew twice yesterday and all went well, but it was only about a 9mph wind.

Could the copter have thought it was in a crash mode while still airborn and disarmed due to the wind throwing it around?  Telemetry on HUD  just lagging events, or do you see something else that occurred ( Like me doing a dumb thumb)?


I have noticed before that in a mission while ascending to altitude, that the motors really slow RPM rapidly when target altitude is reached. Almost sounds like they momentarily cut at that point before leveling out, rather than just slowly coming to a hover RPM.

X535, 3DR APM 2.5 with RC7 installed ; 3DR blue motors and 3DR non Simon K ESC. 4 cell 3300mah battery.


Hope I am not wasting anyone's tome on this ,but I am stumped as to what may have happen.



 Joe B

2013-11-27 13-41-13.tlog

2013-11-27 14-04 3.log


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  • Hello Joe, did you find the answer to your problem, did it happen again, I had similar event of motor shutting down however it was on RTL.
    • Daniel, No I never really did figure that one out. I was using  RC7 at the time and after the crash I went over copter carefully and found nothing obviously wrong.  I have made many more flights since then with no problems, BUT not in high wind/gusty conditions!  I am wondering if the wind caused the motors to loose sync , but it's been fine since. I was lucky and the copter landed in a small pine tree so the only crash damage was a broken prop. 

      I currently I am running the 3.1.2 with no problems. I have flown Stabilize, Loiter, Alt- Hold, Circle and RTL with it with no problems.  I am not sure what happed then, but suspect that a strong wind gust caused my crash, as it seemed that all the motors stopped or slowed at that time. I was probably too low for any corrective actions at the time.  If I ever have it happens again I will be sure to let you know.


  • There is no function for detecting crash. There is, however, a possibility that it detected successful landing.
    Wind might have fooled the barometer.
    What was the logged altitude, the moment before disarming ?
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