The New ESC?

Is this now the only ESC DYI sells? Can I get replacement for my non-SimonK ones in case I need them?


ESC 20 Amp with SimonK


Electronic speed control optimized for multi-rotor use. This is a high quality ESC known for its reliable performance, and now features SimonK firmware loaded from the factory. The SimonK firmware gives a crisp throttle with immediate response and increased stability. This improvement is most noticeable in quick descents/ascents.

  • Extremely low internal resistance
  • 450Hz refresh rate for superior stability
  • Pre-programmed settings, optimized for multi-rotor use
  • Programmable throttle range
  • Continuous current: 20 Amp
  • Burst current: 25 Amp, 10 Sec
  • BEC Mode: Linear
  • BEC Output: 5V / 2A
  • Battery: 2-4 LiPO, 5-12 NIHM/NiCd
  • Weight: 25g

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  • Can anyone answer this?


    I have the Pre-SimonK ESC's from DIY (3DR) as well that I purchased in February of 2013 and were listed as part "ESC20" on my invoice.    Two questions:


    1) Can those be re-flashed with SimonK?

    2) If not, can the new SimonK ones be intermixed with the ones I have as I need to replace one of mine?



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