Supersonic, I'm going to do it.

Yep, you heard me right, I'm going to build the world's first supersonic RC plane, almost doubling the world's present RC speed record. Reason why I'm doing this is to get the attention of the aerospace industry so that they might consider me someday.

Yes, I know the technical challenges will be enormous, but that is why I am doing this, to demonstrate what I can do. Plus it will finally be a chance for me to put my degree to use.

Now the biggest challenge will be finding a place for me to actually fly supersonically, not that every flight has to be supersonic. I am aware that when airplanes travel at that speed a sonic boom is usually created. However, since this design will be smaller, so will the sonic boom.

Another concern of mine will be heat, as air friction compresses the air, heating it up. The temperature I estimate I will reach will exceed the maximum of some of the components, so I will need some sort of cooling mechanism, and just fans won't cut it.

Now I know some of you may have alarming concerns, but if you calmly address them with me I will address them. I'm posting this here because I may need advise for the type of parts I need and other recommendations you may have.

Aerospace V logger out.

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  • In setting up the Kickstarter for this project, what do you think would be a good reward to offer people? I'm a little stumped with that.

    Here is what they won't allow.

    • Rewards not directly produced by the creator or the project itself
    • Financial incentives
    • Raffles, lotteries, and sweepstakes
    • Coupons, discounts, and cash-value gift cards
    • Rewards in bulk quantities (more than ten of an item)
  • Developer

    OK, I will bite....

    TO LATE !!!!!

    These guys have been flying supersonic RC for quite a while.........



    Under Construction
    • >>>Justin Martin "someone reference a 400mph hotliner, which is false"

      Are you always such a dick?

      It's a world record, Justin, maybe next time search before spouting off?

      • Well, I apologize for coming across that way. I didn't mean to act as a dick. I was simply pointing out that it was not an electric hotliner, instead it was dynamic soaring.

        You simply cannot compare DS, to electric or even gas powered flight.

        And just to back up my claim, here is the GLIDER manufacturer who produced not only the airframe in your video, but the airframe that set the 498mph record I referred to.

        • I believe this is the most current ELECTRIC speed record... Again, these are custom made airframes specifically for the German speed cup. These guys are really moving, but they seem to be lingering right at the 300mph mark. They have been achieving 280-300 for a while now.

          • Although my post didn't mention it, I did think that DS video was in fact electric.

            I'm pretty sure I watched a video last night of an electric prop. driven hotliner at >350, I wanna say 360-370ish, maybe a little more.. I can't be bothered to dig it up, but that's getting pretty close to half the speed of sound, I certainly think mach .5 or .6 is possible.

            I thought the mere definition of a hotliner was a plane capable of pulling itself nearly vertical at SL?

            • I figured it was simply a mistake, which is why in my original post I clarified that a DS glider looks similar to a hotliner. I was never meaning to be a "dick" about anything. Electric speed is my other hobby, so I am fairly well versed in that area as well. Hotliners can not exceed 350 mph, in fact they are currently flying at 350km/h (220-ish mph). As mentioned the German Speed cup guys are setting all the powered world records (gas and electric) and they barely broke 300mph....
              • Ya I'm going with my original assessment.

  • This is proof that simply having a "degree" in something doesn't mean you actually know anything. But carry on, I'm just here for the entertainment value.

    • Your entertainment value may not turn out how you think.

This reply was deleted.