Hi all,


I just began working on my own INS/IMU over the past couple weeks. I've made pretty good progress so far. I'm using the newer Sparkfun 6DOF IMU board with an Arduino. I've opted to use a complementary filter, which so far look promising.


I've also made my own stand-alone attitude indicator display program, which is downloadable from my site. I've posted my progress thus far here: http://www.nuclearprojects.com/ins


Here's a screen-shot of my display program:




And here's a quick video I shot the other day:


I've still got a lot of work to do, but for being only 2 weeks in, not too bad. :-)

See the rest on my site: http://www.nuclearprojects.com/ins



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    i like the your Yaw mod with tick marks... Thanks
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    Do you plan to use this with and APM or AP(l)?  I've often wondered about doing that but have never tried.
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