I got problems when using laptop outdoor because I cant see the clear screen. What model of the laptop suggested for this purposes

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I use a Panasonic Toughbook model cf-19.  It's a bit expensive but it has a touch screen that you can see in sunlight.

My HP dv6 has an anti-glare screen which takes care of that problem.  I know this is available on customized laptop models on hp.com, and I'm sure Dell offers something similar.  

Anti-glare screens are not at all the same as daylight screens.

Perhaps then you could explain the difference rather than just telling the last poster they are wrong.

I looked into it.  The screen of this particular toughbook can be viewed in direct sunlight which is a step up from the anti-glare that I have.  

There's also quite a price difference.  

No, they're not as good, but the price for a Toughbook is about 5-10 times that of a comparably equiped non-Toughbook.

A run-of-the-mill laptop with an anti-glare (matte) screen is a good middle ground.  They cost little to no extra, but you have to hunt around for one.

I've got a Sony Vaio F-series with a matte screen for a killer price.  The screen is readable outdoors, but it's not perfect.  But for $700 with an i7 processor, you take what you can get!

I have an matte screen protector on mine and can see in the sun, toshiba L670

the standard screen was hard to read, matte protector made it easy.

Also a shoud can make it easier to see. and easy to make with cardboard

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