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I'm a prospective electrical engineering student with an interest in robotics. I've got several years of experience with arduino, electronics, different robotics platforms, and programming.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Designing and looking to build a quadcopter.

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Ray K commented on leonardthall's blog post Printed high speed AVC copter and crash
"Something that could work is printing with low infill  (like 7 - 15%) and no roof and then pouring in fiberglass epoxy resin such as Bondo and letting it harden.  Granted, this method is better suited for larger pieces and  isn't ideal for small…"
Jun 8, 2014
Ray K commented on Xavier Simard-Lecours's blog post hybrid quad design
Not quite yet.  Hobbyking just shipped the order for my first quadcopter build so I'll wait to gain some real life experience with these before deciding if there's any merit to having squadrons of quadcopters dropping out of airships at…"
Mar 5, 2013
Ray K commented on Xavier Simard-Lecours's blog post hybrid quad design
"Nice use of Inventor.  
I've had a similar idea but also different:  mine involves a quad with the "endcaps", as I call them (the end of each arm of a typical quad which holds the motor/ prop combo) to be on a swivel, that way the quad can be…"
Mar 4, 2013
Ray K replied to zachary sylvester's discussion can you put 2 cams on one adrupilot mega.
"Just to make sure that we're both on the same page...  Keep in mind that the APM isn't processing the video at all.  It's just able to drive servos/ ESCs.
It will definitely drive a 2 servo gimbal with a camera on it, and possibly a 2nd one…"
Feb 21, 2013
Ray K replied to Yaniv Eliash's discussion Communication
"A different approach to all this is your underwater vehicle, tethered to a surface vehicle (boat) which follows it via the likes of gps and synchronous movements, and uses whatever above-water radios you please.  "
Feb 21, 2013
Ray K replied to Glenn Anderson's discussion Pool Noodles?
"Looks nice, especially with the lighting.   I was going to suggest what it seems like you'll be doing in v4.  Get the wiring and all the structural rods going on the inside holes of this.  
I'd like for his to make it possible for the quad to land…"
Feb 20, 2013
Ray K commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A short film about drones and bikinis
"Just saying, this is what we have quadcopters for.  No need for a swarm of predators, that's counter intuitive.  "
Feb 19, 2013
Ray K replied to Francisco's discussion Two Ardupilot units (Master & Slave) for a safe fly
"What people originally regard as crazy sometimes turns out to be genius.  In your case, sorry, but its not even remotely crazy.  :)  (See what I did there?)  :)

I was thinking about this about an hour ago and am happy to now be able to…"
Jan 22, 2013
Ray K commented on Skydog222's photo
"Very cool.  

I'm very interested in the helicopter.  Is there a link to that build?"
Jan 8, 2013
Ray K posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
This group has been a great help to me as I have been getting started over the past month, much appreciated. I'm still a little unsure of what hardware I'm going to need for my quadcopter build, such as motor mounts, screws, and what I need to…
Aug 21, 2012
Ray K posted a discussion
So, the latest version of APM Planner added the support for Python Scripting.  http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/PythonI don't have any experience with that language.  I wrote an app in Processing that takes input from TouchOSC on my iPod…
Jul 23, 2012
Ray K posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__2163__TURNIGY_Plush_25am... enough, the 30 amp is cheaper than the 25 amp ESC.  Yet…
Jul 11, 2012
Ray K left a comment for Dean White
"Hi Dean,
I just read your post about the quad flipping.  I'm also new to UAVs and have been planning a quad based on the X525 frame.  Could you tell me a little bit about your experiences with the configuration you posted there?  Do all the parts…"
Jul 9, 2012
Ray K replied to Jacob Cunningham's discussion Legal implications of auto piloting capability.
"The only restrictions I'm aware of with hobby aircraft are the ones you see with GPS modules.  

"Most modules permit NMEA output only when the module is traveling under 515 m/s AND when its at an altitude of under 60,000 ft (18,000 m). This is to…"
Jul 5, 2012
Ray K replied to Simon Camp's discussion Advice on which ArduCopter and accessories. in ArduCopter User Group
"APM 2 is better because it's cheaper and smaller.  WIth series one, they had a logic board and a 2nd sensor board that came together using headers, and then the GPS was another board. 
With APM 2, they put all this on a single PCB, and reduced the…"
Jul 4, 2012
Ray K replied to Amit Saxena's discussion Newbie Advice in ArduCopter User Group
"I'm in the same boat you are with the "quadrotor itch".  Most of my experience is with electronics and I'm working on some User Interfaces in Processing for controlling a quadrotor using a Logitech Dual Action joystick controller or a TouchOSC…"
Jul 2, 2012