Has anybody else used pool noodles as a frame material?

After three attempts I can provide some advice:

Fiberglass packing tape on the bottom (tension areas)

1/16" fiberglass rods on the top (compression areas)

1/16" fiberglass rods in "X" top and bottom to resist twisting under yaw.

2lbs, 4oz all up with a 2650 3S pack.  14 Amps in hover.  I have not flown a GoPro on this particular frame but have had zero jello effects with the others.  Version 4 will hide the wiring and ESCs.

Lighting is 10 Watts of colored LEDs that match the noodle colors and it is spectacular at night.  My precious new APM 2.5 is extremely well protected under the coroplast battery mount.

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Looks nice, especially with the lighting.   I was going to suggest what it seems like you'll be doing in v4.  Get the wiring and all the structural rods going on the inside holes of this.  

I'd like for his to make it possible for the quad to land on water like water skids would allow.  

The rods that run along the noodles are glued into slots. The real strength comes from keeping the reinforcements on the outside.

Right.  What if you made the frame (leading it to being on the inside) and then put the noodles over it like bumpers?  Would that also compromise strength?

It would probably be a lot heavier. The 1/16 fiberglass rods are very light. I was going for a light structure that would also be tough. The downside is that it has a lot of surface area and does not handle much wind.

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