My name is Adam Kroll, I'm the managing director of an airborne mining surveying company in Australia.  We have recently received a government grant to develop an innovative UAV platform to be used for surveying purposes.

To date we've been out in the field and done a couple of field trials with varying results.  We are slowly but surely getting better results from the Micropilot system we've purchased.

The issue that we have is that myself, a physicist, an electronics engineer and a software engineer are working on it, but I feel we need the expertise of a person who has experience with micropilot to configure the PID loops.

The aircraft we are developing has vector thrust control, but it is not a helicopter or a quadcopter.  A person with heli experience would be most suited.

We will be conducting our next lot of testing in early February for a week  to 10 days, 2 hours north of Melbourne.  If anyone feels that they are suited to the challenge can you please message me.  I am willing to fly you from wherever you are in Australia, pay for accomodation, food and a standard wage.  Plus if all goes well and the platform is commercialised there will be a full time job available.



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  • Sounds a bit like the D-Dalus..  near-mythical beast it is....  

  • Hi Andrew,

    Its a compression ignition system engine.  For our equipment we can't have the Rf noise from the ignition system of a petrol engine.

    Initially the engine was a bit difficult to deal with but it starts and runs fine now.



  • Hi Adam,

    Please don't feel obliged to respond if it is commercially sensitive information - just wondering if your craft is electric or petrol?


  • Moderator

    If you designed it from the floor up you better have some excess power available as VTOL's chow it.

    Conventional heli's offer better power to weight at the minute.

    Well done on getting some government funding though.

  • Developer

    so you need a pilot and someone that has micropilot experiance, i take it.

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