Has anybody else had problems with getting their purchases from coptersky.com?  I've been waiting on a $400.00 purchase for at least two months, now.  When I first realised it was a bit slow, I contacted Sergey and he said he was sorry and he'd send it straight away with 4 bonus motors to compensate the oversight.  That was a month ago.  Still nothing.  And now he won't answer my emails.  He even pops up green on my gmail chat and trying to get his attention THERE doesn't work, either!  Anybody have any inside info?  Or know of a better way to get hold of the guy??  

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check here


Service and Quality doesnt look the best!

God.  And he's just revamped his website...  this is very not cool.  I know he's a member here.  You seeing this, Sergey?  There're a lot more forums to talk to yet.  Come through!

That ain't cool indeed. He might be extremely busy or on a holiday? And I was contemplating making a purchase.

Correction - has been a total of 3 months and 7 days since my unhonored order was placed.

I have some issues with coptersky. Sergey twice says that he already sent my quadcoper (185$) frame... but actually he is not. But after 1.5month after payment I have successfully received package :)

If you wish, I can give you him Skype account.

So this got his attention.  I now have my money back and a firm resolve not to deal with these people again.  It's a shame, because the designs and prices are very attractive.  I had big plans for an RC-carbon Y6.  Perhaps this is a sign I should me designing and making my own.  Although it's hard to go past the flyduspider.  

DO NOT BUY from Coptersky or RCCarbon.  Service and support is terrible.  I spent a lot of money on a RCCarbon Hexa frame, and whilst the frame is nice, its impossible to get parts from the supplier, I bought a camera gimble, and the mount didn't fit properly, and I've waited over 8 months, when I get in contact with the guy he promises to send the parts next week.  Parts never get sent.

Ultimately we all crash, and its pointless having a nice frame, if you can't get reliable supply of parts.  That was the main reason why I switched frames.

Droidworx frames are nice, but expensive, I've found that you can get nice carbon frames from Multiwiicopter.com for pretty reasonable prices, something like $300 for a full carbon Y6 frame.

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