Can't leave the ground.

Good day,Tried my first test flight today without success.My goal for today was to hover in stabilized mode perhaps move around a little.HT-FPV frame10-47 propsAPM 2.5 with GPS and sonar2.7.3DX825 amp plush ESCDid the setup and calibration during the week.Gently applied throttle and either the back or front would rise, one end on the ground. Definitely not level so I thought it was not balanced correctly. Added weight to either end but the same results. Either the front or back would lift off, then would attempt to flip before I cut the throttle. Actually flipped once.I'm missing something here.I also noticed a spike in the throttle on the bench and during my test flight. Brief increase in speed before retuning to normal. This happen consistently.Any suggestions?ThanksRandy

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  • With my APM1 I had flipping problem until I found that I was plugging in the Lipo's balance plug before the main power. There is/was a blog out there... Anyway, don't plug in the lipo balance port in until you hear the beep from the APM.  Not sure if this is a problem w/ the APM2.  



  • Did another test and now it's flying normally. I was able to get off the ground and hover for a short time before dinner and running out of battery.
    In the end it was my mistake but looking back it was a good educational experience. I'm sure I will have more challenges ahead.
    To wrap this up, thanks to Doug for his persistence and knowledge. Thanks to everyone else for their comments, definitely contributed to my learning experience.
    Now the adventure has just begun...again. LOL

  • I just did another test after enabling RAW & motors, by the way how do you disable it when I'm done?

    You may have figured this out already... but I am hoping you got to get into the air...



    ...simply type 'disable motors'   and 'disable raw'... when you are ready to not collect that data.

    Here's hoping you've been learning to fly for the last hour or two.


  • Thanks Graham, I have been through the setup many times and in regards to your comments I have checked the props and motor direction again. Everything looks good.

    I just did another test after enabling RAW & motors, by the way how do you disable it when I'm done?

    The results look interesting. Graphed the motors, the reduction in the throttle is me because it is going to flip. No where smooth as yours Doug but notice there is a value for motors 5 & 6.

    Does it think it is Hex instead of a quad?

    Trying to find where in the parms it would show that. Doug - I will have a look at that thread.

    Thanks everyone.


  • I purchased a 3DR C Frame and completed the assembly and loaded the 3DR config yesterday for a test flight today.

    Auto calibrated the ESC.


    Props are correct.

    Motor test.

    I was disappointed. 

    Same problem, the quad doesn't ascends evenly but flips.One end rises first. Same issue with the HT-FPV.

    Different motors, props, frame and ESC. The TX, RX and APM are the same.

    First test it would rise then take off and flip, can't control it.

    Tried Doug's suggestion from a post he found.

    Reversed the pitch on the TX and one end would rise first and flip.

    Reversed the pitch in MP, same problem. 

    I have seen many video and the quad ascend evenly hoping to practice flying on the 3DR frame while I repair the HT-FPV.

    Therefore what is the problem?




    Where do I look next for an answer?


  • Randy,

    Another member just got an H-frame running with similar ESCs. HERE is his reply.

    I would love to get my hands your system to sort this charge for the consulting either. ;)


  • Good afternoon,

    I tried another test flight today and I'm so disappointed. :(

    Broke two props and a motor mount. 
    I would give it enough throttle to ascend and then it would just take off like a "bat out of hell" or a "copter out of hell". My flying skills are beginner's at best but there was no control. I have watched many videos where the copter goes straight up or fairly close to it.

    Thanks Randy for the comments- I had checked everything you mentioned above many times and I checked them again to verify your post. Yaw, throttle, roll and pitch all function in MP according to your comments and the setup.

    Thanks Doug - Checked the TX again and I have the fix wing aircraft and not helicopter. Disconnected channels 7 & 8 to the APM in my test as you suggested and my throttle is on the left (mode 2)

    I have to order props and see if I can order the motor mount.

    I'm thinking about ordering the 3DR quad C frame and see if I can get that to work.

    Took today off work to play but didn't work out.



  • Ok, another test tonight but still the same problem.

    I am using the 3DR power distribution board. The X orientation is on the board but I have it turned 90 degrees to connect to the motors a little easier. (See the attached pic)

    When I move the yaw the front will rise and the opposite direction, the back would rise...appears to be the pitch to me.

    Checked the RX to the inputs looks good. Checked the the motor connect to the power distribution...looks good. I have done the test motor direction before it was correct. Goes 1, 4, 2, 3.

    I can't see how the orientation of the power board could cause my problem?

    I will test the motors again.



  • Ok, I have repaired the damage but I left the props off. Connected to MP and a battery I wanted to see how it would respond. Get an idea of the values.

    Roll right - the value increased from zero.

    Roll left - the value went negative

    Pitch up - the value increased from zero (point the front up)

    Pitch down - the value went negative (point the backend up)

    Yaw - value stays around 335...a couple of times it went down to 10 but remained around 335 as I tried different orientations. Is this normal? What is the the "yaw"?

    Looking around trying to find some more info.I will continue to look.

    The stands look great. I will build it if I don't find a solution.





  • Second thought...I don't think it is a balance issue as long as it is not excessive. The APM should be leveling.

    I did level before my last test.



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