Norwich, Norfolk

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Web Developer; project manager; sometime roboticist; model helicopter pilot, Lotus enthusiast.

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One day I'll get around to building one!



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simonl replied to Roguengineer's discussion AtlantikSolar team breaks UAV flight endurance world record at 81.5 hrs (using a Pixhawk!)
"Can't believe you guys didn't get any response here! Belated well done!"
Jan 1, 2016
simonl commented on earthpatrol's blog post Flying Robot Commander & Paparazzi UAV
"This is really cool :-) Will you be sharing any more details on how you coded it?"
Jan 1, 2016
simonl commented on Chris Anderson's blog post World Championship skier almost hit by crashing drone
"Could it be that the "safety corridor" wasn'yt actually safe enough? I mean, if the drone was in hover it stands to reason that it would fall within a certain radius. But if it was in forward flight maybe there wasn'yt enough account taken of any…"
Dec 24, 2015
simonl commented on Phillip Kocmoud's blog post Caution with the FAA UAS Registration Site
"So what's Chris / 3DR doing about this - after all, they were on the advisory board weren't they? Surely they should be making load noises by now?"
Dec 24, 2015
simonl commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Anti-drone tech jams GPS
"Yup, certainly sounds like a bad idea. But, hey, shouldn't drone code cope gracefully with loss of major functions like GPS? Isn't that the code writers' responsibility? (Just putting it out there!)"
Oct 17, 2015
simonl commented on Hugues's blog post How to Write (Set) a Pixhawk parameter using the Mavlink protocol standard
"Well done Hughes :-) I've also been thinking of a project that would need to talk to Pixhawk via Mavlink. I also looked through the mavlink "documentation" and found myself going round in circles! Kudos to you."
Nov 28, 2014
simonl commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3D Robotics announces VC funding, expansion plans!
"Looking forward to the ride Chris. Congratulations."
Nov 5, 2012
simonl commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Some of the Best HD Air to Air FPV footage you'll see...
"Truly awesome. Well done."
Oct 20, 2012
simonl replied to Simon Camp's discussion Advice on which ArduCopter and accessories. in ArduCopter User Group
"Not sure if it's the same in Aus, but in UK we have to have a pilot in control via buddy box who has line of sight at all times."
Jul 5, 2012
simonl commented on Mark Harrison's blog post APM2, $10 quad frame, 51 minutes to build and fly
"An hour! Now I feel REALLY sllloooow :("
Jul 2, 2012
simonl commented on Andreas's blog post The $10 Hexacopter Frame
"Nice one. That's real DIY drone :)"
May 6, 2012
simonl commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Merry Christmas one and all
"Thanks Gary. Enjoy your celebrations."
Dec 24, 2011
simonl commented on Jason Dorie's blog post Outdoor test video of my latest quad
"Nice work Jason. With stability like that I have to wonder why we need all the other sensors and complicated code too! Can't wait for you to release the code :P"
Dec 11, 2011
simonl commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Please welcome ArduPilotMega 2.0!
"@martint: I was gonna get the APM1.0 from your store, but I'll now wait for the 2.0. I hope 3DR see that they need to keep their distributors happy too, & get them to you sharpish."
Dec 2, 2011
simonl commented on basshead's blog post Y6 Pulso 2820/14's with 13x6 APC electrics
"Looks good. Would you mind giving more details about your power set-up? What do you mean by "12v filtered variable PSU rail"? And are you feeding all 12v into your BEC?"
Nov 20, 2011
simonl commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Unmanned heli lands on a moving trailer
"Nice work, but landing on a heaving frigate deck will be much more impressive (I wouldn't want to be the safety pilot on that test!)"
Nov 20, 2011