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  • @Andreas, Mark was at the Concord fly-in too when we met. The friendly fellow launching my ZII (using a patented grip&motion that I'm not allowed to discuss).

  • Developer

    Love the title of the video... BAZINGA

  • Moderator

    Andreas A:  sounds great!

    Charlie: thanks!

    Update: full videos and photos here:

    Black Sheep Eats Tasty Crow
    (updates) Somebody asked "what's a Trappy ?" Answers here , here , and especially here . Trappy posted a nice note congratulating Andr...
  • Real time build videos:

  • Here are my stencils to cut the center plates for the various multicopter configurations:




  • cool; there a class here in Charlotte which can do this in a Week :)

  • It is amazing how many  different individual hand operations you did in an hour Then the test flight and re balance

    kinda looks like you knew exactly what you were doing Excellent !

  • Great work guys!

  • Developer

    Mark I had no idea you are also a local.

    We have to arrange a fly-day

    I just finished re-building my quad and I'm ready to test the new AP_Limits. What do you say? Andreas?

  • An hour! Now I feel REALLY sllloooow :(
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