PID settings for TBS Disco (2.9.1.)

These are the PID settings for my TBS Discovery. I am using a special version of Arducopter 2.9.1. made for the "spider shaped" Disco frame. Maiden Video here: Exact angles and information here:

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  • @basshead: Yes.

    @Wagner: Any new information about the "V frame" setting? (I am still using my "TBS Disco" firmware with the special angles setting (as you have seen here and I am quite happy with it.)

  • Are these with 900kv motors and 9x5 graupners?

  • yup:


         Leonard Hall came up with the yaw factors which are what you see below.  I'm not sure exactly how he calculated them.

         When you're setting up the motors, there are 3 factors that must be defined.  One for each of roll, pitch and yaw.  The add_motor call just takes an angle in degrees clockwise from straight ahead and calculates the roll and pitch factors.  Then you just need to provide the yaw factor.  If you want more control over the mixing you can use this call which gives you the extra ability to set the roll and pitch factors directly which will work better for an asymmetric frame.

    add_motor_raw(int8_t motor_num, float roll_fac, float pitch_fac, float yaw_fac, int8_t testing_order)


    now, we have to find this Leonard Hall and talk to him.

  • Did you get an answer?

  • just sent the PM to Randy, waiting for an answer.

  • I added Randy(rmackay9) as a friend, let me see if he accept it and I'll send him a PM.

  • I browsed but didn't find anything. I would like to know the formulas to get that magic motor mixing number. We have the angles already, but the motor power is a problem.

  • Yes, it's part of the 2.9.1b Arducopter as I saw yesterday. But I don't understand it :(

    Do you? Is there a documentation or discussion about it somwhere on diydrones?

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