PID settings for TBS Disco (2.9.1.)

These are the PID settings for my TBS Discovery. I am using a special version of Arducopter 2.9.1. made for the "spider shaped" Disco frame. Maiden Video here: Exact angles and information here:

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  • I´m just like you.....

    buy all the parts (APM, sonar, 433mhz telemetry, gps...and never get this thing work like it should. I have asked for help several times in this forum but..... Just have all in a box (to sell) and keep flying with the NAZA!

  • Hello evrybody, I am Dick Gerritsen from the Netherlands and new here. I started building and flying quadcopters in december last year. I am very satisfied with my DJI 450 with NAZA. Now I am building a TBS with arduflyer and gps. The main reason was I want to fly missions. 

    My quadcopter: frame TBS Discovery, 4 ESC from DJI 30 A, 4 motors from RCtimer, a ardyflyer board with a seperate gps, props: 10 inch.

    Till now:

    Stabilize mode: well, enough speed, hover rather well,

    Loiter mode: the quad stays well on his place, but when moving it is slow en goes like a boat through the air, the speed is low.

    Auto mode: it also looks a boat through the air, slowly, wobling, but finaly the quadcopter maks his mission.

    Compared with the NAZA the arduflyer flies very very bad.

    A tried a few setting, whitout good results, but: is it not possible someone sends me his file for the quadcopter similar as my configuration?

    Hope to hear soon.

    Dick Gerritsen

  • I have, but haven't tried it yet. It only alters yaw_factor and not motor angles, should work much better.

  • @Dimitri: Maybe you are right. But I till now I had no need to try it. I am flying your angle settings ( at it's doing it very well. Only going hard backwars seems to be a little problem. Have you seen the "V frame option" in the 2.9.1b?

  • Haven't flown my Disco for some time now but I'm consistently finding different roll/pitch values for spider-style (or anything with longitudinal CG really) copters. I'm pretty sure we should be running lower Roll values than Pitch (unlock pitch roll), I think its to do with having less mass along its axis.

  • Thanks Markus, I will give that a try.
  • @Dean: You can kill that drift via auto/save trim:
  • Yes, mine is stable. Have you tried to lower rate P and/or rate D? I got my tuning values through "DaveC tuning" ( Values are for sure different if your copter weighs more or less than mine (which carries a GoPro and a 3200mAh/4s battery).
  • Thanks for the PID settings, my TBS is flying better but still has a drift to the right.

  • with your pid's I am getting some weird quick oscillations on the roll that I cant tune out. If you give full right then left stick, is it stable for you?

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