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zmooth commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Small Electric Helicopter 108km/h Auto Flight
Oct 1, 2014
zmooth replied to Oliver Whysall's discussion APM PPM from openlrsng
"If you have anything other than 8-channels in your Tx settings, try setting 'Limit PPM Output to 8 channels' in Rx settings to yes. APM doesn't like PPM streams with +8 channels. It works on any of my dtfuhf receivers I tried, should work with HK…"
Jun 14, 2014
zmooth commented on jlcortex's blog post My setup to use droidplanner
"Nice setup. Have you tried it over bluetooth ? Many devices (inc. my tap3 tablet) don't have USB host mode so OTG is a no-go ;) I've got a bt module in the mail that I'm hoping will work."
Jun 14, 2014
zmooth replied to Jesper Rooth's discussion Telemetry - OpenLRS and APM
"There's now a 1-Watt receiver out from DTF UHF, so all we need now for an open two-way symmetric rc system is mavlink support in main :)"
Jun 12, 2014
zmooth replied to Jesper Rooth's discussion Telemetry - OpenLRS and APM
I see you merged 3.6.4 to your fork, but I'm having troubles compiling for DTFUHF DeluxeTx:

In file included from openLRSng.ino:111:TX.h:5: error: 'UBRR0H' was not declared in this scopeTX.h:5: error: 'UBRR0L' was not declared in this…"
Jun 9, 2014
zmooth replied to zmooth's discussion Help me diagnose why my outputs don't work properly:(
"Got it working by erasing/reseting again and setting gimbal option in Mission Planner instead of APM Planner."
Mar 31, 2014
zmooth posted a discussion
At this point I'd appreciate anyone's help, I am all out of ideas. I tried a new APM (2.5.2 board) but I can't get my gimbal (or any other device for that matter) to receive correct PWM signal. The board seems to be producing a 50% PWM (~1500)…
Mar 31, 2014
zmooth commented on Christiaan van Vollenstee's blog post Stingray 500 a collective pitch multirotor
"This was posted on Curtis's fb, that definately looks like a 3dr gps."
Feb 18, 2014
zmooth commented on jlcortex's blog post Probably the smallest arducopter frame?
"Very innovative frame, good job!
I too have been playing with micros lately, they are so much fun :) In fact one of them is built around PX4, have you considered that ? It's significantly smaller than apm. Also, maybe you should re-consider VTx…"
Nov 5, 2013
zmooth replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Tandem Heli
"A tandem UAV does makes sense and sounds awesome! I happen to see a Hirobo Chinook scale heli recently and thought mechanics would be great for a uav conversion, unfortunately its rather expensive... Worth having a look anyway even just for…"
Oct 24, 2013
zmooth replied to John Campen's discussion Brushless Gimbal setup using APM gimbal controler
"Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the hardware is there; couldn't we use re-flashed escs to drive the motors and I2C to get the sensor data ? Only thing missing is the ESC firmware and APM code to drive them via PWM…"
Oct 24, 2013
zmooth commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post All-in-one portable "ground station" was born in Hungary....
"There are international crowd-sourcing platforms like indiegogo."
Sep 8, 2013
zmooth commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post All-in-one portable "ground station" was born in Hungary....
"Awesome design, very impressive!"
Sep 5, 2013
zmooth commented on PX4's blog post PX4 and 3D Robotics present Pixhawk: An Advanced, User-Friendly Autopilot
"Very impressive features!
Regarding RSSI: I see both PWM and analog signals supported, is this because of new hardware or is it something we will see in PX4 too ? I'm guessing it's out of question for the APM being already near its processing…"
Aug 30, 2013
zmooth commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Arducopter 3.0 TradHeli Demonstration
"Awesome demo! Damn, I need more apms :)"
Jul 21, 2013
zmooth commented on W. Thielicke's blog post GEMiNi tiny FPV racing hexrotor
"This is extremely well thought imho and it looks awesome !
Does the controller do anything special to deal with motor angle ? Does it hover in an angle ? Couldn't find any further info on your controller, some links are broken unfortunately. Do you…"
Jul 16, 2013