Probably the smallest arducopter frame?


A long long time since I published last time, I'm drawing something fun and I thought you would like to see it!

It is a small frame all cnc machined from delrin sheet for 5" propellers. It seems a crazy project but i have a friend flying this kind of multicopters and it is really fun!

It is not originally thought for Arducopter but I recently purchased some Ardupilot 2.6 and i am seriously thinking to install one of them here.

Dimensions (center to center)

right to left = 165mm

front to back = 145mm

HD camera: Mobius



Ipad size comparison:


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  • We just upload the Spidex Micro to Thingiverse for 3d printers, the original!!! 

    Thank to Abomor for upload it.3701730944?profile=original

  • Hello!

    I have this quad, and I burned my naze by a esc failure. I want to try the APM on this quad while I do not arrive the new naze.

    I have already installed the APM and now I want to find the correct PID values for that micro.

    Anyone know which are the correct PID values for a micro?


  • Microquad Fever FPV from alfonso borja on Vimeo.

  • It is the video from Abomor, it is made with my Spidex Micro and another wood micro quad

  • looking good! what motors are they?

  • Moderator

    @Jose, If I'm not mistaken your friend had mounted the bottom plate upside down? I compared the drawing with photos.. Is there a reason behind that?

  • Hi Jose,

    Looks Spectacular! Good job.

    If I were in charge, I would immediately put it up on the arducopter´s WIKI ;)



  • Hi Alex, You are faster than me!!!,

    I have pictures of the fisrt unit, It has been assembled by a friend abomor and he has made a free interpretation of my idea. 

    When part arrive to me i will assembly more faithful to my drawings



  • No, the flight controller (OpenPilot Revolution) is hard mounted on the bottom plate with the motors. The Revo doesn't get effected by vibration the same way the new firmware of the APM does, so no need to isolate it. I was planning on building a APM variant for the body, but not sure what to do with vibration isolation as yet. Possibly hang it under the top shelf..

  • Hi Alex, really nice copter.

    Do you have your flight controller mounted on your isolated platform and what is flight controller?

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