3d printed uBlox GPS case

Made this simple case for the 3dr uBlox GPS

thingiverse link


It's made out of three parts in order to fit a reflector(shield) between the mid and bottom sections.I used thin copper plate but any conductive material should work.

Just ignore bottom part  if you're not going to bother with a shield.

No actual pictures yet, out of plastic :)

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  • Please send me a PM if i can order this :-)

  • T3

    Dimitri, if you don't mind, I can print some out for people to sell if you are okay with it and people are interested. I should be able to get it started early next week as I am waiting for a replacement for my printer.

  • I dont think i fully get the parts, there is a bottom, then a larger dome top, a smaller dome top but what is the tope with the cylinder on top for?
    Either ways nice work, we should imo by now have more or less weatherproof case options for most gear but its only available for the APM.
  • Print some out and sell them to those of us without 3D printers.  Nice job.

  • Hughes, I'm not sure what the effect is, but I own quite a lot of GPS receivers in quite a few devices, and none of them have a naked receiver.

  • MR60


    What is the use of a case for GPS ? To protect it from schocks ?

    I wonder if this shall not reduce the GPS efficiency because plastic is made of carbon molecules and this filters somewhat radio signals (especially weak GPS signals).


  • Where can i order this one? :-)

  • T3

    I'll have to print it out once I get my printer built and finished! Great job!

  • Very cool.  The only thing that would make it better is if there was a mount for the Mag right beside it. ;)

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