My setup to use droidplanner


I am designing this TX mod to use Droidplanner with big phones or tablets. I am planning to use for photogrametry with multicopters and planes.

I use mavlink telemetry through gitsly/openLRSng (
I think it is a great solution because it is only one antenna for controls and telemetry, very simple and clean solution.

Telemetry stream through openLRSng is slow (19200bps maximum) than I've tried it works perfectly except because droidplanner failed to load the parameter list probably due a timeout, All the rest seems to work perfectly.

I connect my Note with 20cm OTG cable, i have build a custom module cover to fit into a FTDI adapter:



Droidplanner seems well made software, very quick, very intuitive.
My sincere congratulations to droidplanner team

Hope you like!!!


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  • Are the files for the 3d printed brackets available?
    I am very interested in a set of these.
  • I'm attempting to setup something similar as this is simply to slick to pass on. I've been using OrangeLRS and believe I have everything setup correctly. But when I try to connect to droidplanner I get "data link lost check connection, over and over." I'm currently using this FTDI to usb adapter from ebay. (USB adapter) conntected to my TX tx-rx, rx-tx, gnd-gnd, dtr-dtr. Its the same setup to connect to my computer to flash. Am I connected correctly? My baud rates are set at 38400 for baud and 19200 for data. Correct?

  • I can add an observation to the parameter update from pixhawk issue.  It doesn't always stop at the same place.  If you try a couple times it gets a little further before stalling.


  • thx for nontopic answers..

  • yes, tubes are anodized aluminium, not carbon.


  • Emin,

    I would guess the tubes are painted or anodized aluminum. 

  • Artem: Yes, it is a orange LRS 1W

    Arthur Benemann: Probably was also interesting to study why pixhawk have such a large parameter list but nice to hear you know this issue. I am impressed by the quality of your software, thanks!

    zmooth: yes probably bluetooth is good idea, I've done some tests:3701758579?profile=original

  • @Emin

    Why you don't use some PVC tube from any hardware store? You can use 90 deg corners along with straith tube.

  • 3701758694?profile=originalsorry for non related question..

    Can some of you point me to the shop where I can buy this angle carbon tube we can see on gimbals?

    or I have to do it myself?

  • Nice setup. Have you tried it over bluetooth ? Many devices (inc. my tap3 tablet) don't have USB host mode so OTG is a no-go ;) I've got a bt module in the mail that I'm hoping will work.

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