Reno, NV

About Me:

I've been fly RC planes and helicopters for 25 years. I also have a an interest aerial photography using gasoline powered helicopters. I'm also a Ham radio operator

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Amateur aerial photography. Always looking for a way to stabilize the aircraft. I'm working on creating 3d maps using UAVs.



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Rob Dunbar replied to Oliver Volkmann's discussion Triggering A Camera Directly from Pixhawk/APM
"I have been using the same home made cable for over a year on a A6000, QX1 and Nex 3N. The voltage on the sony cameras is 3.3 volts which is the same as a Pixhawk so you don't need a logic level converter. I checked and the current to trigger is…"
Jun 9, 2017
Rob Dunbar replied to Andreas Spiracopoulos's discussion Glow Vs Electric question in ArduBoat User Group
"Biggest issue for me would be the engine quiting and then having to retrieve the boat. If it is Petrol most those exhaust to the air and not in the water like outboard motors do so direct pollution is less. 2 stroke petrol oil is burned and does…"
Jun 3, 2017
Rob Dunbar replied to hugo delaroux's discussion In case of lost drone, best move ? in UgCS
"Having crashed in a area of tall sage brush about 3/4 of mile away here is how we tracked our aircraft. We were using mission lanner which I could get the last known coordinates. Being in an area of no wireless internet the only thing I had was my…"
Jun 2, 2017
Rob Dunbar replied to Thien Nguyen's discussion Mission Planner very slow to open after updating to 1.3.45
"When I upgraded Mission Planner on a computer it would keep crashing when starting. I ended up just downloading and installing Mission Planner over the existing Mission Planner. Problem was solved for me."
Apr 10, 2017
Rob Dunbar replied to Mike's discussion Naze32 Rev6 need help identifying part
"I believe the part is a voltage regulator. Here is a link to a picture that shows the number. Here is a Digikey link to the part. The part is only $1.58. Go for it and see if you can repair it."
Mar 24, 2017
Rob Dunbar replied to Chad's discussion Traditional Heli - Pixhawk Motor Interlock enabled
"This might be a little late but I had the same issue the other day. Make sure your collective pitch and throttle are in their minimum position. This happene when I upgraded to Arducopter 3.4. I'm using a gas powered helicopter so my throttle is on…"
Mar 11, 2017
Rob Dunbar replied to Bryan Archer's discussion Geotagging Flir Vue Pro Thermal stills
"We just picked up a new Flir Vue Pro as well. While I have not hooked up the cable for geotagging yet they do supply a cable that connects from the Pixhawk to the camera. The cable I believe connects to the telemetry 2 port on the pixhawk. The PWM…"
Dec 28, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to DavidLee's discussion 3DR Radio Telemetry design schematic
"I've got some of the hobby king radios. They work great as long as you use SMA antennas, the 3DR radios are RP-SMA. I was wondering why I was getting such poor range from the radio when I changed an antenna and used the 3DR radio antenna."
May 22, 2016
Rob Dunbar commented on Simon D. Levy's blog post STM32F1 Flash Memory
"Very good. Please keep us updated on your progress to use STM32F1 board with SLAM or other algorithms. "
May 16, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to Oleksii Svyryd's discussion Mapping plane frame
"If you can put a UV filter on the lens. If you scratch the filter just replace it."
May 5, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to Oleksii Svyryd's discussion Mapping plane frame
"JIm, Thanks for the link on the cheaper source."
May 2, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to Oleksii Svyryd's discussion Mapping plane frame
"Jim, I trigger the QX1 by using an 11 pin micro usb connector and connecting it to Pixhawk's Aux connector. I get the pre wired 11 pin micro USB from a $9 clone of the VPR1 trigger.  The trigger is available at here. I cut and strip the wire and…"
Apr 30, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to Oleksii Svyryd's discussion Mapping plane frame
"Just thought I would show a picture of what I did to my 2015 Skywalker 1830. I'm placing a Sony QX1 in the fuselage. Without cutting the plywood I had to make a huge whole. The good part is the camera is well protected."
Apr 27, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to Todd Martin's discussion Neo M8N and Pixhawk, No GPS fix
"How were you and Ublox able to determine it was a fake? I've got a bunch of the cheap M8N's and I'm wondering if they are fake."
Apr 10, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to Todd Martin's discussion Neo M8N and Pixhawk, No GPS fix
"Looking at your pictures the wires appear to be correct. The yellow RX from gps is going to TX on pixhawk and TX from GPS is going to RX on Pixhawk. The other thing you might do with an ohm meter is check that the wires aren't broken somewhere. If…"
Apr 6, 2016
Rob Dunbar replied to muhannad alrawahi's discussion Burned connecter
"If you burned out the IO you would have to replace the co-processor chip, I believe its an STM32F3. This is no simple solder replacement unless you are good at soldering SMDs. The chip replacement cost is under 5 USD. "
Apr 5, 2016