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RC Pilot & Aspiring Drone Operator

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SAR, Law Enforcement, Aerial Survey



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Bryan Archer posted a discussion
Hello all,We have a Flir Vue pro thermal camera and we’d like to Geotag thermal stills on a Pixhawk Multirotor. According to Flir, it should be a  plug and play over PWM.But I also heard it’s not that simple. Just checking if anyone’s able to…
Dec 28, 2016
Bryan Archer posted a discussion
Hi Guys,  first off,This pertains to those with the knowledge of FAA 333 exemption Petitions using 3DR  products. I’m  currently developing UAV operating manuals using; - Finwing Penguin  fixed wing - with Pixhawk Autopilot. I’m not sure about to…
Apr 27, 2015
Bryan Archer posted a discussion
Hi everyone,I’m thinking of buying Microsoft  Surface Pro 3  or  2  and use Mission Planner on it. If you are currently using any of the Surface models with Windows 8, for Mission Planner,  Please share your experience. - Model/ Processor,- Pros …
Apr 15, 2015
Bryan Archer posted a photo
Me, & Superbat just before FAA Approved SAR mission
Oct 3, 2014
Bryan Archer replied to AntimatterCrusader's discussion Small Business - Legalities on Quantity orders
"I'm the owner of an FAA Part 145 repair station, and I'm branching into drones business.If you intend to grow the business,  at some point,..  you may want to form a legal business and have some form of commercial insurance.
There are local chamber…"
Sep 27, 2014