Geotagging Flir Vue Pro Thermal stills

Hello all,

We have a Flir Vue pro thermal camera and we’d like to Geotag thermal stills on a Pixhawk Multirotor.

According to Flir, it should be a  plug and play over PWM.

But I also heard it’s not that simple. 

Just checking if anyone’s able to Geotag  Flir Vue pro thermal stills.

And, Does Pixhawk geotag the  Thermal stills in flight  or 
geotagging has to be done in post process ?


Thanks in advance for your inputs !

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  • With Flir Vue Pro GPS Geotagger you will be able to save GPS (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Universal Coordinated Time – UTC) information directly as EXIF information to images when shooting picture with your Flir Vue Pro/Pro R.
  • Hello. I just got a FLIR Vue Pro. I am looking for help. I need to trigger the camera for singles photos with a arduino or a raspberry. Does somebody knows a setup for this objective.

  • We just picked up a new Flir Vue Pro as well. While I have not hooked up the cable for geotagging yet they do supply a cable that connects from the Pixhawk to the camera. The cable I believe connects to the telemetry 2 port on the pixhawk. The PWM connectors are for control the Flir Vue Pro to do things like take a picture, start a video or change colors of the display. The camera will receive the gps coordinates and geotag the photos on the fly. 

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