Hi everyone,

I recently updated Mission Planner on my computer (windows 10) to latest version (1.3.45). After the update, the program takes noticeably longer time to start (about 3~4 mins, I have measured a few times). I tried uninstall and reinstall MP with both MSI installation and ZIP files, but no difference.

Has anyone face the same problem? Also, I have never had this problem before with Mission Planner so I think it is not a hardware problem.

Thanks all.

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  • Hi all,

    The problem has been fixed when I updated the mission planner to the new version of 3.1.46.

  • When I upgraded Mission Planner on a computer it would keep crashing when starting. I ended up just downloading and installing Mission Planner over the existing Mission Planner. Problem was solved for me.

  • Hi, if your transmitter is to close to your computer it will slow things down,

    I updated no problem.

  • Hi All,

    I had same problem at field too. last night , I have tried my plane at home without any problem but when I went to the outside today, it even does not respond while it is opening and few minutes later it opened. I have same version of mission planner at desktop it opens on a few seconds but on the lap top it takes few minutes.


  • My Mission planner is doing the same thing but only on one computer

  • Well, last week MP seemed to be back to normal and so I thought the problem was fixed somehow. But the last few days the problem has been happening again, still have to wait ~4 minutes until MP finally starts.

  • Did you resolve this?

  • Same thing started happening to me 4-5 days ago. I have never seen anything like it before.

    It actually started happening the day after v1.3.45 was released but before I had installed the upgrade on my laptop!

    I was out at a beach about to fly and couldn't get MP to start, I tried rebooting several times etc. It eventually started up and asked if I wanted to upgrade (obviosuly I said no at this stage!) I assumed it started after I gave it internet access from my mobile but maybe it was the 3-4 minute wait like you suggested.

    I recently installed v1.3.45, the problem is constant now... but your wait for a few minutes trick works, so thanks for that!

    It looks like the ArduCopter people have recently changed some web service MP calls on startup but its failing or timing out.

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