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UgCS with Surface 3 LTE and Mavic Pro

Started by Werbe Fuzzy. Last reply by Werbe Fuzzy 9 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I have always wanted to fly my Mavic Pro using my existing Surface 3 LTE and was disappointed by DJI not providing a solution for Windows tablets. So I was pretty thrilled learning about UgCS and have done some testing in the last couple of days. Let me first say that it is really a great product. I am amazed by the possibilities and would love to use it to plan and execute flights or just for feeding the Mavics Cam to the notebook. However I have two issues for which I hope to…Continue

mistake installing UgCS v 2.12

Started by Olaf. Last reply by Olaf yesterday. 4 Replies

Trying to install Vers. 2.12 I receive an error:Faild to run a post-install Service. Unknown error while running C:\program Files\UgCsBeta\java\java.exe-jar../../tools/unicode-escape/unicode-escape.jar -encoding utf-8../../server/ ../../server/ucs/ mistake with the geoserverWhen I try to start UgCS the following messages are displayed:service-manager stopped by userFahrzeug emulator stopped by usergeoserver stopped by userNo chance to start them manually,…Continue

Change yaw speed

Started by Yair keinan. Last reply by Massimiliano Spoto on Tuesday. 1 Reply

Hello friends,I'm planning a simple route using way points, with my matrice 100.There is a way to make the speed of yaw change slower?Continue

Tags: matrice 100, yaw speed, ugcs

Area scan request - allow different interior survey waypoint behavior.

Started by Eben N. Broadbent. Last reply by Eben N. Broadbent Sep 10. 2 Replies

It would be very important (for me) to have the ends of each transect in the area scan use the 'stop and turn' functionality, and the interior waypoints (added by UGCS to maintain constant AGL) use 'adaptive banked turn'. The reason this is important is that when flying LiDAR or line-scanning instruments having the drone stop mid-point (s) randomly during a transect causes major processing issues. The 'adaptive banked turn' would have it simply and fluidly fly a 3D transect maintaining constant…Continue

RTH height.

Started by Colin Girvan. Last reply by Victor Sep 7. 5 Replies

We fly a Matrice 600 and we usually start a mission by powering the UAV and checking all parameters in the DJI Go app then switching to the UgCS for DJI to fly the mission. UgCS has a return to home altitude in its route creation screen. There is also an RTH altitude within the DJI Go app. I was wondering which one takes precedence?Colin.Continue

Live view of photo/video feed not showing up on Matrice 600 Pro using UGCS for DJI

Started by Jason Rourke. Last reply by Jason Rourke Sep 7. 5 Replies

I'm not sure if this is a setup issue or what but I'm about to pull my hair out.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.  I have tried every which way I can think of to run the UGCS for DJI on my Android but I haven't been able to get anything but a white or black screen that gives the view from my x5 camera from the Matrice 600 Pro.  Just when I think I have the right set of steps figured out and the screen shows what the camera is seeing, it just stops showing the "live" feed.  This is the only app…Continue

UGCS and DJI N3 + Lightbridge 2 compatibility

Started by Pablo Legarreta. Last reply by Cheaw Wen Guey Aug 29. 5 Replies

Hello,I am thinking in upgrading my multirotors to the DJI N3 flight controller. Since I need a way to comunicate to the pc I was thinking in adding Lightbridge 2 to the system. Is UGCS compatible with this system? If no, what other modem do you suggest me to connect to the UAV?Thank you in advance.PaulContinue

DJI A2 Telemetry

Started by Jonathan Bolich. Last reply by Jonathan Bolich Aug 26. 4 Replies

I recently got a DJI A2 controller and I am having an issue with getting UGCS to receive telementy. In paticular the Altitude is not working. I also have a NAZA and I don't have any issues with it working.I have verified that the A2 is working because when I use DJI Ground station, I get all the readings. I did have an issue with the connection when it would autosearch for the com port, but as soon as I changed it to only look at the correct port (com6 for me), I do get most of the telementy,…Continue

Unable to upload to APM2

Started by John Fitter. Last reply by John Fitter Aug 23. 3 Replies

I can connect to an APM2 using a 3DR on COM4. Mission Planner works fine and will successfully upload a route. UgCS connects also and receives messages. Everything appears to work fine but UgCS is unable to upload a route and terminates with an error.Looking through the Ardupilot log it seems that UgCS is confused about the ports in use. It finds COM4 and messages arriving on it. It then finds COM3, which has no hardware attached, and subsequently uses that when trying to upload the route. Of…Continue

Warning: NO low battery RTL in UGCS auto mode for DJI Matrice (and perhaps all DJI?)

Started by Eben N. Broadbent. Last reply by Eben N. Broadbent Aug 23. 6 Replies

If you are in auto mode, your drone will continue the mission until it hits the default 10% at which point it will auto-land wherever it is located (in my case, would be a tree canopy). A huge risk if you conduct missions outside of telemetry range, or just sometimes don't pay close attention to your battery level.Although there is no work around, the only way to minimize risk is to conduct very conservative short missions, and if possible try to remain in UGCS telemetry range (which extends…Continue

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Comment by juan pablo gayoso on January 19, 2017 at 11:11am

is possible read mission file from UgCS to MissionPlanner, in both directions.

Comment by Marshall Cant on December 26, 2016 at 8:54am

I have the same problem.  My "Overshoot" field is also set to 0.

If you reduce overlap you also reduce the quality of the results.Pix 4D recommends 70% overlap (as does most other photogrammetry software).

Please explain how to correct this and have the UAV follow the outline of the area.



Comment by Alex on December 26, 2016 at 3:57am

Adam Kelly, you got to make lower Forward overlap to get not so big overshoots.

Comment by Adam Kelly on December 26, 2016 at 2:51am

Hi - I'm new to ugcs. I'm planning a mission and I keep getting big overshoots using the photogrammetry tool. I've attached a screen shot. Anyone know why this is happening? I have tried changing pretty much all the variables one at a time, nothing changes these overshoots. It suck up a lot of flight time to travel this extra distance.

Comment by andrew cutter on May 6, 2016 at 8:46am

Got reply back from UGCS on the use of tablet . Trying to find out whether pixhawk copter or fix wing is supported and working .

will work on the mobile tablet . All i could find was support for DJI . According to the email Android 5 and 6 is working ?

Comment by Eric Kubicka on August 16, 2015 at 2:19pm

If anyone is interested in beta testing our new logbook sync to UGCS let us know. We appreciate any takers/feedback. . 


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