Hi, with the last version 3.6 and DJI M600 i had two crashes last week.

I used UGCS since two years and no problem before, but last week crashed 2 different M600 when lost signal become into RTH but at the same altitude and then crash.

Obviusly the mission had setting NO RTH in case of lost signal and ind the last option in the caso of RTH will be over 300 meters Home altitude.

I flow over 300 missions and have only 2 incidents like this, any suggestions?

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  • what was the fin al result in determining the cause? And at what point did the crash occur?

  • Hi Leonardo

    Let me just repeat your case.

    Which value did you have for "Action on RC loss"? Was it "Continue" or "Do not modify"?

    And if I got you right on lost RC drone returned home?

    Was the crash during landing?

    What was the altitude during return home?

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