Traditional Heli - Pixhawk Motor Interlock enabled

Hey guys, I think this maybe a common issue here but I have everthing setup with my radio (taranis) and modes all set with the 6 pos switch all good, just cannot get the this "motor interlock enable" message to disapear or even arm the unit. I have googled but cannot find a way to set this up correctly.

I am running latest mission planner, and latest firmware for traditional helicopter.

does anyone know how to set this function up or even know if I need it?


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  • Hey Rob,

    thanks for the response!, Im keen to know more about this "kill switch" as Im confused on how to set this up? or infact what it is?, am I right to assume here that its just a switch to kill all power to the heli? (my throttle is on channel 8 as well btw).

    also how do you find version 3.4 as Im running the same an was keen to here your throughts? is it better than 3.3?


  • This might be a little late but I had the same issue the other day. Make sure your collective pitch and throttle are in their minimum position. This happene when I upgraded to Arducopter 3.4. I'm using a gas powered helicopter so my throttle is on channel 8 and a good idle is about 1170us. In order to remove the interlock enable message I have to turn the engine kill switch on my remote  that has an output of 982us. I just hold the engine kill switch and arm the helicopter and the message goes away.

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