1st Drone in Nevada Test Program Crashes in Demo


The FAA has given permission for Nevada to authorize unmanned aerial vehicles to fly. Today there was a ceremony to watch a demonstration flight. During the hand launch the craft did a wing tip stall and landed very rough on its nose a.k.a. crash. 

For more see 1st drone in Nevada test program crashes in demo

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  • @Joe Dietrich

    LMBO!  I had a very similar first flight experience. I built a .049 powered glider. Took me weeks to build bright shinny monocote and all... fired it up and tossed it... WHAAMM. Done. Flight time 2 seconds max... Get the plastic bag. It's been re-kitted. ha The plane was a call Piece-O-Cake. I don't have to tell ya what I called it after that day. 

  • SgtRic

    I do. And I base my opinion on what I see with my own eyes. When I go to get a license plate for my car from the state I take a number and stand in line for an hour meanwhile the people behind the counter could care less. But if I want a cell phone or any other product made by 'profiteers' I have choices. That 'profit' you speak of means I have faster, BETTER service. We have signs on roads from hospitals bragging about less that 10 minute wait times and or the best specialists etc. I've been helped at hospitals here sir and they were extremely nice and the best in the world I dare say. I can see a doctor with one phone call usually the same day. Any specialist many times within a week. The day the government takes over that all goes away. I think some Europeans hate the word profit so much they refuse to consider the above is true. But.....this is the wrong forum. 

  • Moderator

    I guess its ingrained in all Americans to think the profit motive is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Me, I don't believe that education nor health services belong in the hands of profiteers.

  • Sure looks like a government operation to me. Cost way more, took twice as long, 8 times as many people, and could have just got somebody in the private sector to do it better. Cant wait for them to run my health care. 

  • This is hilarious...i love all the preparation that was conducted. The plane looks lovely and shiny, and they are all wearing fluorescent jackets looking all professional.

    However, one of the things which they failed to check is if their plane design would fly. Kind of critical for planes o_o

  • This sort of reminds me of my very first R/C glider experience when I was a kid (like 14).

    Neighbor gave me an airframe, I monokoted it in beautiful yellow and red - I was so proud.  Installed my $59 2-channel Futaba radio - I was so proud.  My dad took us to the beach in Cali (El Segundo, where we saw other flyers, thought we'd get some first time tips).

    I had the remote in hand, my dad was the maiden voyage hand launcher (since my two channel Futaba took both hands apparently).  He took that thing and threw it JUST LIKE A FOOTBALL.  The wings folded-up, right in half.  It made a beautiful, swirling descent, just like a lawn dart into the sand.  Oh did my dad ever feel bad.

    We tried to repair it on the spot, but the main-spare was toast, and much of the wing and tail was pretty damaged (balsa wood was pretty brittle from how old it was from my neighbor).  Anyway, my dad hooked me up with a new Wanderer, and my soaring days went on.

    Great thing about R/C, we can all get another day to fly even if our ego is a bit bruised from failure.

  • Is there a "wall of shame" to put them up on somewhere around here?

  • Should have, could have, would have.  Success is rarely achieved without a measure of failure.  This is a hard lesson learned for this group. I'm sure there was a bit of change riding on that.  

  • Somebody should find out who exactly is denying airworthy craft certs, then turning around and being such a moron as to declare this POS suitable to fly.

    Shouldn't we be calling for somebody's resignation?

  • Clearly the high-viz safety vests made all the difference in this flight. /sarc

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