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DHS Helicopter pilot/Air Interdiction Agent Avid UAS and FPV afficianado

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Commercial uses of sUAS tech particularly mapping.


Uvalde, TX

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Joe Chello commented on Rob Dunbar's blog post 1st Drone in Nevada Test Program Crashes in Demo
"Clearly the high-viz safety vests made all the difference in this flight. /sarc"
Dec 25, 2014
Joe Chello commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Facebook buying solar drone maker
"Alright, Quadzimodo, now Im officially jealous ;-P"
Apr 3, 2014
Joe Chello commented on Joseph Aletky's blog post 134km/83.5 Mile, 4 hour flight with our Skywalker
"3DR first to market pre soldered Panasonic NCR18650PF packs customer selectable size/capacity configurations to suit their mission profile, lets go guys.. chop chop. "
Feb 12, 2014
Joe Chello commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Ranger ex UAV platform
"Looks decent but there is so much room for improvement. I mean, what significant advantages does this offer over a, say, Skywalker? I'd like to see more along this line.. dedicated sUAS platforms with fpv centric modular mission compatibility. Flat…"
Jan 14, 2014
Joe Chello replied to Joe Chello's discussion Artificial horizon going nuts over 3DR Radio only (SOLVED)
"I am using APM 2.76. I tested the 3.3V regulator and checking voltage across pins 1 and 4 of the I2C socket. I was able to determine that the 3.3V regulator was indeed blown, as it measured 5 volts across those pins, instead of 3.3. I used this…"
Dec 29, 2013
Joe Chello posted a discussion
Greetings,Using the latest V2 3DR radio- It seems that lately (worked normally until about a week ago) my artificial horizon (AH) tumbles according to the very random and fluctuating pitch roll and yaw values visible under the status display in…
Dec 28, 2013
Joe Chello commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Mugin 3 meter UAV platform
"Interested to see what you find on that one. Looks like an interesting Pro-sumer market option for AP."
Dec 20, 2013
Joe Chello replied to Btanny's discussion X- UAV Talon APM 2.5 Setup File
"Bump. This Talon is an incredible platform with tons of access to internals and modular swappable camera pods for the front. Would love to get this into use for photogrammetry but the PID config is relatively new to me. Any help on this?"
Dec 14, 2013