I wnat to redesign the Radio Telemetry ,but I can't find the design schematic.Does anyone know where to download these documents?(the file can't open!)

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Would be very nice to have a nice quality build alternative to the disappeared 3DR telemetry modules.

Ideally you'll design these modules with a good EMI shielding so it does not disturb other sensitive electronics in the surroundings.

Also a good design will transmit and receive in the allocated spread spectrum range, without spurious emissions outside of it.

In terms of connectors, it would be nice to keep both a microp usb (for firmware upgrades) and a UART/DF13 connector for connecting to the flight controller (Pixhawk style).

And a possible choice for frequency bands (433Mhz for Europe, 915 for the rest of the world).

Thank you for receiving you suggests.so do you have the 3DR telemetry schematic?

I'm making "clones" since 2012, 433/868/915, 100mW:

Sorry, I do not have schematics. Did you ask 3DR? Chris Anderson is on this forum regularly.

You can open those files with Eagle. They include the schematic

BTW, the telemetry radios haven't disappeared. They're just now being made by HobbyKing, with our blessings 

I've got some of the hobby king radios. They work great as long as you use SMA antennas, the 3DR radios are RP-SMA. I was wondering why I was getting such poor range from the radio when I changed an antenna and used the 3DR radio antenna.

Antenna  is very exquisite,it should be need to match!

For whatever reason, I cannot get any range from my telemetry radios. Two are 3DR, two are HK 500mw versions. They have the correct antennae.

I used to fly missions from my desktop and place one radio in the window. The signal would stay very strong even 1/4 mile away. However, whether I changed settings or the radios are bad now, I can't get 50-100 ft out of them.

It would sure be nice to have good telemetry signal again.

And if you buy them stores listed here of ArduPilot.org http://ardupilot.org/ardupilot/docs/common-stores.html The will contribute back to the ArduPilot project

for example jDones http://store.jdrones.com/jD_SiK_Radio_Telemetry_radio_p/rfsik20set4...

I have had mixed results with the HK versions so made my own for the "ground end", using FT231XS chip (works better for me on Android that CP2102). Uses HM-TRP module (I already make modules for my airborne system.

My frustrations are over ;)

OK,the two pictures of accessory is radio telemetry of my design,I want to try! And I have already redesign the Unmanned aircraft controllers of PX4FMU !

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