In case of lost drone, best move ?

Hi everybody, I am just preparing for the day I am gonna crash my drone^^.I see 2 possibilities to find a lost drone.1- using the latest received GPS coordinate before the crash/lost of connection. But in UgCS I am not really sure where this data is saved ? On the smartphone or directly send to the computer ?2- Using some antenna + radio receiver to detect the drone if it is still emitting (I am using a phantom 4, so I think it should be possible to detect it by scanning the 2,4 GHz band with a directional antenna).So those are the idea I got for now. Before looking more deeply into them I would like to know if someone already developed his own "in case of crash" solution.Thanks a lot for any information !

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  • Just remember that cell reception limitation, if you are flying in areas with poor or no cell coverage than don't end up with a system that requires it!

  • Hey thanks everybody !

    Well I think with all that I should not lost my drone^^. I downloaded Polaris and I will buy a couples of those RF-V16, might be useful also for motorbike and such !

    I am still searching for a cheap chinese copy of the Marco Polo, I will let you know if I find anything interesting.

    Thanks again !

  • all you need is one of these in your drone   RF-V16....has save me recover mine from places I would have never found it....

  • Having crashed in a area of tall sage brush about 3/4 of mile away here is how we tracked our aircraft. We were using mission lanner which I could get the last known coordinates. Being in an area of no wireless internet the only thing I had was my android phone with google maps. I was able to put the coordinates into google maps and it provided a point to where I was and a point to where the last know locaton. This wasn't the best but it got us there. Since then I have found Polaris Navigation will provides an arrow and distance to your entered coordinates. 

  • Woo thanks ! Exactly what I was hoping for ! Okay I just need to find a cheap chinese copy now^^
  • I use a Marshall GPS radio tracker beacon system, which offers 40-80 km tracking independent of any other reception (cell, etc..). There is also similar Marco Polo, which works up to 2 miles or so maximum. Other solutions seem to all use cell signal reception so not ideal. Telemetry tracking is fine unless you continue mission out of RC range, then not viable. Also, even with telemetry a battery failure in flight (on a fixed wing for example) could result in crash site uncertainty of 100+ meters, and also large for a copter - even 10 m in a field and you will spend hours looking for a Phantom.

  • Hi, UgCS saves telemetry on computer. Latest received coordinates you can find in telemetry player.

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