Weird behavior of APM1(2560) radio/ppm - channel 6

I am having this very weird problem : it seems as if rc channel6 is not being received. Mission Planner shows ch6in stays at 1500 but I am possitive the Rx is sending signal correctly (tried a few receivers). The strange part is if I unplug/plug channel6 it works! I don't think its firmware related, it does the same thing on arducopter/arduplane.

Can anyone help me sort this out ? 

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  • I also have a similar problem with channel 6 on APM1.  In the calibration screen it shows a fixed value (don't remember if it's 1500 or 900).

    To find the cause of the problem, I swapped cables with channel 7 at the receiver.  Still APM1 saw a fixed value on channel 6 (which really was channel 7) and good values of channel 7 (which really was channel).  So the conclusion was that I have a faulty APM1.

    I did not want to mess with it too much so I left the situation as-is, I simply don't use channel 6 :(  Now I wonder whether it's more than just this card's problem.


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