Mabotic LV-MaxSonar-EZ

I was just wondering if there was anything special I need to do to get this sonar working with the APM code, right now its only showing 20cm. Also the pin its attached to might be broken because if I give it anything voltage wise it doesent change values. What is the actual pin the sonar signal wire is attached to?

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  • Well I know that it was working before last week, I lost a couple props and have not plugged in the battery since so I dont know how that would have happened. Maybe it has something to do with this


  • Such being the case the input channel to the IMU is likely shorted. Your sensor is good.

    In the past I have seen a input to a Industrial controller specifically Allen Bradley show a discrete LED.

    However while communicating to the processor it did not show while online.

    The Input channel was at fault even though the LED displayed.



  • 3692253538?profile=originalLook on your oil pan (blue IMU board) and locate the pitot tube pins; says "pitot", opposite end of the relay switch. On the bottom side of the board you will see gnd, +5V, and IN. The signal wire for the sonar should be connected to IN. As for the sonar itself, I have the signal wire connected to the AN output.

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