mix and match ESC's?

I'm getting impatient waiting for a replacement ESC and was wondering if it's ok to mix and match different brands of ESC's? Do I just need to make sure the specs are identical?

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  • Technically speaking the IMU should just compensate for whatever variances in throttle response different ESC's have. You should be fine. 

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    I would NEVER be brave enough to mix ESC... oh no... my recommendation is to NOT do that... 

    even if you test them I would not risk the rest of the copter just because I cant wait for shipping... you might/will crash and damage more. 

    That is one of the main reason i've opened the Canadian distribution center... so my fellow Canadians are not waiting for parts anymore! ;) 


  • I'm in the exact same situation, with a replacement stuck somewhere in transit between Hong Kong and my front door... I'm contemplating pulling the speed controller from my Bixler and doing some thrust tests at different throttle settings, and comparing them to my other speed controllers to see if I get the same output.

  • on my quad I have one ESC that is the same brand but a different version then the others...  it flies fine. I did notice that on startup the one prop does start at a slightly higher throttle setting but once spooled up, it does not effect flight.

    try putting the two ESCs on a Y harness and do a static test.  it the throttle response in similar then it should fly fine till the replacement shows.

  • Ooooh... I can't think of any reason why you absolutely CANNOT do this, but it's obviously  risky.  If you're brave enough, you could give it a shot.  It might be unflyable and result in a crash.  Or it might be fine.  I don't see any reason why it would explode into flames... ;)

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