Franklin Park, NJ

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In RC for about 10 years. just got into quads got my ardupilot on 10/6/11

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Chris replied to marc.kulhavy's discussion Worst Crash ever, Log analysis needed!
"good job clearing the crowd..  I know alot of people that would have been fighting to save the aircraft first without worrying about were it was.
some advice.  learn to fly in acro mode...  if an accelerometer goes out or the calibration gets wonked…"
Sep 5, 2012
Chris commented on estebanflyer's blog post How Not to Work on your Quad
Jul 5, 2012
Chris commented on ernani reis's blog post Hexa-copter found after failed attempt of delivering cell phones to inmates of a Brazilian penitentiary
" Sandro Benigno :   
got the image from monty python in  my head.   "Message for you, Sir""
Jun 2, 2012
Chris replied to Brad Smith's discussion What do you think the APM should do on fail safe
"My opinion would be on initial failsafe, enter loiter mode for a predetermined time...  after a delay ( say 30sec while it waits for a signal) enter RTL.  That way in case of a failure it will basically stop and wait to see if you can regain…"
Jun 2, 2012
Chris replied to James's discussion LEDs (big, serious LEDs) brightness control
"VERY simple.....   Brushed motor speed control.

12V input.  PWM output.

saw it on an issue of "flitetest" on youtube
Jun 2, 2012
Chris replied to Gerrit Jan Baarda's discussion Strange flip during flight
"I have had this happen to me too...  I was not even at full throttle but at "fast climb" and I would get a hard roll over.
gonna see if I downgrade and try it see if that clears anything up."
Jun 1, 2012
Chris commented on trappy's blog post UAVs and Wingsuit Basejumpers
"again..  video perfection "
Apr 15, 2012
Chris replied to Mark Zimmerman's discussion What's problem with this quad?
"can you get over to NJ sometime?  It would be easier to troubleshoot in person,
I work in Paterson NJ, if you can get over during the week we can meet up in a local park or something and figure this out."
Apr 7, 2012
Chris replied to Mark Zimmerman's discussion ArduCopter cannot fly anyway
"you list yourself as NY, NY I work in paterson NJ maybe we can meet up so someone can get a hands on look at whats going on.

let me know if you can get out that way during the week."
Apr 4, 2012
Chris replied to bergsprekken's discussion best mode for getting up there and safely down
"when I do a fast decent I pitch the quad full forward and reduce power till it starts to buffet around.. then increase throttle slightly till flight gets stable...  then I fly a downward spiral till I get to the altitude I wish.

the other option is…"
Mar 21, 2012
Chris replied to Ruwan's discussion Share your drone info thread
"frame: Gaui 330x extended framecontroller/autopilot: APM1motors: Arrowwind 2250/15esc: Feigao 18-Amppropellers: Stock gaui
battery: 2800mAh 3Sflying time: 7min (with a big safety margin)
radio: Futaba 10C / orange 8Ch RXvideo/osd: GoPro HDhero no…"
Feb 2, 2012
Chris replied to Serplat's discussion ArduCopter doesn't lift off the ground during automatic takeoff
"another vote for getting a RC system.
if something happens you need human intervention...  forget about losing the quad or APM. those props can do ALOT of damage to a person.
I know of people that have had major lacerations to the hand from motors…"
Jan 21, 2012
Chris replied to Dani Saez's discussion Doubt Tilting motors in a Y6 (anyone please...)
"choice B:

the important thing is the orientation of the prop... ignore were the motor is in relation to the prop
the prop 8 should turn CCW and 4 CW in relation to the QUAD not the motor. so if you flip the motor 180 you need to reverse the…"
Jan 21, 2012
Chris commented on trappy's blog post FPV in Maldives
"I for one like your videos.  and since alot of people will be using a FPV setup on their "drones" then it still applies.
keep up the good work trappy...  and if you ever get over to the east coast of the US again, let me know, would LOVE to meet you…"
Jan 21, 2012
Chris replied to Han S's discussion mix and match ESC's?
"on my quad I have one ESC that is the same brand but a different version then the others...  it flies fine. I did notice that on startup the one prop does start at a slightly higher throttle setting but once spooled up, it does not effect flight.…"
Jan 13, 2012
Chris replied to Johannes Huss's discussion HELP! - Crash report with log and video
"at :31 look at the motor in the top left of the screen...  is it me or when its all unfolding does it shift over a bit to the right? could it be a motor mount failure?"
Nov 6, 2011