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I live in Toronto, Canada, and I would love to find someone around here who is into this!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I want to have the most advanced helicam in Toronto and use it in film productions. I have a quad with a GU 344 gyro already working and shooting, but the Arducopter seems really superior. EDIT: really really superior.



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Nov 18, 2020
estebanflyer commented on estebanflyer's blog post Four modes switch for Futaba T6EX
"Huh! great! tell the admins so they replace my intructions with yours! at the time i had tried everything with no success"
Jan 24, 2016
estebanflyer left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Does anybody know why Ecalc is showing different motor types on different ocassions? I opened four tabs and in each case the RCTimer motor selections showed different numbers:"
Sep 29, 2015
estebanflyer replied to Ruwan's discussion Share your drone info thread
"very nice octo! what is your maximum payload? (at around 50% throttle I mean)"
Sep 23, 2015
estebanflyer posted a discussion
I am connecting the battery as usual and the APM 2.5 is not lighting up. I got home and started disconnecting everything from it and finally it worked. I checked the DF13 6 position connector (voltage regulator) and it seems to be ok. Has anybody…
Jul 7, 2013
estebanflyer replied to Graham Dyer's discussion 3DR radio with Ubuntu?
"research on something like:  chmod 777. it changes the serial permissions to read and write"
Jun 10, 2013
estebanflyer commented on James Goppert's blog post Cross-Platform Library for Interfacing to APM_BinComm (ArduPilotMega binary protocal library) GCS's just got easier :-)
"hello everyone! I'm trying to run Mission Planner with Debian. I know this wont beas easy as installing a package, but can someone tell me where to start reading? thank you!!"
Jun 4, 2013
estebanflyer commented on Peter Koppendorfer's blog post KamKop BL Gimbal for Sony NEXn Cameras
"it looks amazing. Have you tested it with the APM 2.5? How many mAh in that 3 cell battery?
I'm really interested in this gimbal, how much is it to ship it to Canada - Toronto?
thank you!"
May 11, 2013
estebanflyer commented on Bernardo M. A.'s blog post Parachute tests with a multirotor
"this pump has a mechanism that punctures the co2 cartridge:
May 7, 2013
estebanflyer replied to Ali Mazi's discussion Ditch the GoPro, it's the Canon SD1400is !
"dont forget about gopro's anti shock case...it would be cool to build a 3D printed protective case for this camera"
Apr 21, 2013
estebanflyer commented on Kur's blog post Sonar ALT_Hold Issue
"I agree with R_Lefebvre. My best solution for the sonar was to remove it from the system. Last time I trusted it I was testing loiter, it was working alright until suddenly as soon as I turned loiter on the quad plummeted to the ground. my best…"
Sep 18, 2012
estebanflyer commented on lot's blog post Quad copter flying for 4-8 hours
"they don't even have to bother building a fake model, it can be done with a 3D rendering program"
Aug 29, 2012
estebanflyer replied to marcelo's discussion Apm2 xquad glitches/flickering Thottle - DEFAULT PIDS
"are your ESC bullet connectors soldered?"
Aug 11, 2012
estebanflyer replied to Jaan Kronberg's discussion xbp09-dp (xbee 900mhz) not working - help needed
"thats all mine says too, but it works after I unbrick it.. although it keeps bricking out. I have been trying to fix this every day for the last 2 weeks. sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't."
Aug 2, 2012
estebanflyer replied to Alan's discussion "No Heartbeat Packets Received" on Mission Planner
"I am not too sure what the problem is but i would connect the receiver and the PDB. Power these too first, and then plug in the USB. Try to connect this way. What do you need terminal for though?"
Aug 1, 2012
estebanflyer commented on Andreas M. Antonopoulos's blog post ArduCopter 2.7 Released!
"Hello everyone, camera servo 5 (pitch) jitters badly, no matter how the servo and angle limits are set. I was able to set-up the roll servo with no problems, easily.

Mission Planner: 1.2 (latest)
Firmware: Quad 2.7 (latest)

On the prior…"
Jul 26, 2012