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  • hahahaha love it.... I have been there too!!


  • He then test run the Quad with a short antenna and two batteries.Hope it will work

  • evilmacaw: I think if I melt all the solder I have and pour it in my body it wouldn't burn as much as any of your experiences. keep it strong!

  • Do It Yourself .........................WHAT ! !

  • Helitrasher ,

    Naw heck i can`t even bend that way these days ! but here is how i look at it solder melts at 400-600 F, steel melts at 2700  F and the arc is at 10,000 F so if i can stand getting nailed by hot BB`s at about 1800 F (dull cherry red color) then  solder is like Hot bath water , i am not saying it does not hurt  ,it does but nothing like a 2300 F (bright orange color) MIG .035 wire ball right thru my pants and into my thigh just over 1" deep (i was working in some one else`s shop ) I beat out the smoldering hole in my jeans  went and asked for a band aid ,the old gent say are you cut ? i said no i had branded my self and showed him the still lightly smoking hole in my jeans (a  perfect 3/16" hole ) he finds one and i dropped trousers and covered the hole ,pull them back up and went back to work ! i still have the scar some 40 years later . Pain is relative to the person as a red head my genetic quirk is that i can take 5-10 times the pain a normal person can (linear scale) oh i feel it but it has far less effect on my nervous system  and my body does not react the same ,so what would put someone else on the floor howling and incapacitated, i just fix what happened and go right back to work ! (It has serious disadvantages in that i can damage my self far worse and not even know it !) 

    A tip for every one you get a burn put "Essential Lavender Oil" on it  , it will numb the pain ,stop the burn from growing , allow faster healing and stops infection  .i can get a second degree burn apply it and it never blisters and two ,three days later it is totally healed you can not even tell you were burned. If it is third degree burn (brown to black  charing ) Do Not use the oil  go seek medical attention ,a cloth cover with lightly salted cool water poured over it constantly until you get attention !


  • I think everyone has it wrong, I understand the picture showing the first Human attaching it directly to his body (what part is unclear) to his central nervous system for real-time control, sorry to the Drones development team for all the hard work they have put in the past  but this development has made the APM 2 totally redundant unfortunately. 

  • The sheet I read goes: Don't let safety get on the way of your hobby. ha! And I actually do solder in that position... it's bad.

  • I bet you dont solder in that position !

  • Distributor

    Canadians are tough! hehe did I give you that safety sheet with your order?

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