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Private Pilot & photographer and keen rc aero modeler. Background in military inertial navigation and systems.

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Looking to use 4 or 8 copter for photography



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andycross1 posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hello can anyone help just setting up my Hex with F/W 3.2.1 and I noticed this difference in outputs to the motors, the screenshots were without props on a flat surface.Am I just worried about nothing or is there a tuning issue?  100.JPG50.JPG
Nov 1, 2016
andycross1 replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Hello will this work with the TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz ie in parallel so you can run the  mission planer at the same time?
If so how would I do this?
Aug 19, 2014
andycross1 commented on Philip's blog post FPV setup with raspberry Pi
"Pi in the Sky"
Oct 15, 2013
andycross1 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Texas law bans some private use of drones
"I guess replacing the camera with a gun would be OK"
Sep 18, 2013
andycross1 replied to Florian G's discussion Loiter still not working - trying to get this function to work on APM now since three months and not doing as it should..
"Hi Florian
I would be interested in what happens when you fill in your Quads stats into this calculation sheet, it's not perfect but a fair guide on where you may be going wrong on weight vs power, just a thought :-)…"
Jul 15, 2012
andycross1 commented on estebanflyer's blog post How Not to Work on your Quad
"I think everyone has it wrong, I understand the picture showing the first Human attaching it directly to his body (what part is unclear) to his central nervous system for real-time control, sorry to the Drones development team for all the hard work…"
Jul 3, 2012
andycross1 replied to Luc van Helfteren's discussion GPS not working
"Hi Luc
I had a simalar problem to you with the APM 2 it was to do with the 6 pins not soldering the connectors properly on the top GPS board (my fault), after I had re-done the connectors all worked fine.

Jun 21, 2012
andycross1 replied to Emanuel Stevie's discussion Interfacing Program from Accelerometer ADXL345 to Microcontroller 8051 Family using I2C connection (Assembly Language)
"Hello Emanuel
I think you have posted this in the wrong forum this is Aerial Photography
May 24, 2012
andycross1 posted a discussion
I noticed this as a quick way of overcoming any line interference that might cause issues with any of the MaxSonar sensor.http://www.maxbotix.com/tutorials.htm#New_Flash_UAV_and_Mobile_Robo...
Apr 6, 2012
andycross1 replied to Gerry Mostert's discussion APM2 Octocopter
"Hi Gerry
I am about to do a very similar thing to you except I was going to use a OPTO ESC which gets around any potential  noise issues but answer your question do not connect the return (if your ESC has a BEC) shown in your diagram"
Mar 31, 2012
andycross1 posted a discussion
Can any one say if there is any advantage of shifting the mounting the motors 180 Degs from where they are at the moment, I appreciate a change of prop is required but I have seen a few Quads / Hex's with this config and they explain that it's…
Mar 2, 2012
andycross1 commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Arducopter Hexa 3DR Frame Now on Pre-Order!
"If you were using the 5S 5000 mAh in you tests with the 880KV motors did you use a different ESC than the standard 20A 2-4 LiPO that ships (ArduCopter ESC 20 Amp) ?"
Mar 1, 2012
andycross1 commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Arducopter Hexa 3DR Frame Now on Pre-Order!
"0.16 pounds = 72.6 grams: 20g * 4 = 100g savings if using CF, so does a Aluminium Copter win the day on cost performance?"
Mar 1, 2012
andycross1 commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Arducopter Hexa 3DR Frame Now on Pre-Order!
"Can I ask a fairly simple question regarding the merits of all Carbon Fibre vs Aluminium in Quads, Hex's etc
I appreciate cost and weight would be amongst them but for example is durability and transmission of vibration factors in this?"
Feb 25, 2012
andycross1 commented on patrice.rance's blog post Loiter mode working on big OctaV frame. ArduCopter 2.0.42
"Did he not not notice all the people around him and some playing football and a frisby, how much luck does this guy need??"
Jan 8, 2012
andycross1 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Details on how Iran may have used a GPS override spoof to capture US drone
"Hi Chris
You make a good point but for most passenger and military aircraft today do not rely on just one GPS feed, they will take typically 3 feeds (a voting sytem) and one of them will be a Inertial Navigation System (aka Ring Laser Gyro RLG), the…"
Dec 18, 2011