• It's set up in the pixhawk on ch7. But for the SB- it's that way as I assumed the function would only happen when the switch is in that position. If I leave it as is and flip the switch to up or down there will be no trigger, right?
      • Correct. I didn't knew if that was the intended behavior. 

        On this Taranis/OpenTX thing with the scripting we almost forget that there are very easy ways to do what we want without scripts :)

    • It should not be very difficult because the camera trigger can be actuated by a channel 7 or channel 8 option.

      It will be a simple reading of the Distance (which is calculated by the Taranis) and if greater than a pre-determined value toggle the channel 7(or8).


      ps: you don't even need a script because a Taranis/OpenTX Logical Script can be used with the Distance value, so simply use a Logical Switch.


      • Ok thanks Luis, so I have:

        Logical Switch 07

        D>x   Dist   3ft   SB-   0.5   (no delay)


        CH7   Camera   L7   Weight +100%   Warn(2)   Camera

        Will test tomorrow with a 1m change in distance just to see if it works.

        Is there a custom function that I can set that will fire every time the distance condition is met, so that I can have an audible alert every time the trigger is sent?

        • Hi John

          I don't understand why you have SwitchB in the middle (SB-) involved on the condition to trigger the Logical Switch but you should know why :)

          The audible warning (at least how I have mine set) I go to Special Functions and have SFx->Switch= L7 with Action = Play Track and on Parameters =a audio wav file prepared.

          Don't forget to also set the Camera action on Mission Planner on the Channel 7.

          Good luck

  • Hello will this work with the TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz ie in parallel so you can run the  mission planer at the same time?

    If so how would I do this?



    • Yes it will work at the same time as the 3dr telemetry.  On the pixhawk you just plug the teensy into telemetry2 port with rx+tx wired as normal - this way if the 3dr telemetry doesn't work for whatever reason then the teensy can still request to start the telemetry data.  

      If you're sharing a telemetry cable then as Luis says you can only connect the rx to the teensy - you can't have two devices transmitting to the pixhawk on the same port.

      • Thanks for completing my short reply :)

        I have the PixHawk with the 3drRadio on telemetry port 1 and on telemetry port 2 I have both the Teensy with the line disconnected and the 3dr Bluetooth module in parallel. 

        Lots of telemetry options :) but I was tired of plugging and unplugging the 3dr radio module back and fore between the computer and the tablet....

    • Hi 

      When in parallel with other telemetry options like the 3DR Radio, the Teensy must have its TX wire disconnected.

      Look back on the thread where other cases have been commented.



  • @Bernardo Diaz that is correct :) , i think it would be good to warp it like i talked about then it could be merged with the original code git and added to a wiki page to save users getting confused about what site/firmware they have to download, im working all this week but should have time to do this on the weekend.

    @Arno Nel Sorry this is currently for S.Port telemetry only ,,However i do have plans to add support for your Rx module aswell as jeti's protocol and any other transmitters that support telemetry data and have the user pick what they want so you would just uncomment //Defined SPORT or //Defined JETI ect and upload away . may also look at this on the weekend i have had a quick look at the old frsky protocol and i think its also inverted serial and it has been done before so adding it will not hard at all. EDIT: Got some goggle-fu and found this looks like that should do what you want

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