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  • Did he not not notice all the people around him and some playing football and a frisby, how much luck does this guy need??

  • Another advantage is when you're very high in altitude and the V fall, i remark that the horizontal stability is better than other frame... specialy with a 1 meter frame !!!

    it's a very good option for high altitude movie.

  • Overshooting

  • How can you be stupid enough to fly like this in such a place ? That's really not the kind of example to show in a video too, or do you want UAV be forbidden defititively in France ?


    Are you aware new restrictive laws are coming in our counry, because people like you has such unconscious  behaviors?


    Please be mature or stop playing adult toys, and buy an ArDrone...


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    I was thinking the same thing throughout the video. If this were me piloting, it would surely end at a hospital. Please be safe. Kids cannot keep their hands away from things that cut, burn, freeze, crush or electrocute, and your copter can do at least 4/5 five of these things :)  We all want good News for UAVs, not park and government officials who say "no uav flying". Very nice OctoV! I still hope it gets a cylon LED array .)

  • ..and make sure both packs are charged to the same voltage before connecting. Measure them !


    While the location is very interesting, I would strongly recommend to find another flying field. This one is way too dangerous with all the people running around.

  • Putting two lipos in parallel is fine but make sure they are the exact same batteries.
  • i've made my OCTAV with 1 meter square alu branch (all branch are 1 meter).

    the central board with 3mm epoxy.

    I put neoprene Glue under the central epoxy to absorb vibration. I have a little tissu under the APM board.

    The baro has coton above it also.

    With 3 Ah 3S battery i 've flown 5 mn and i stop.

    Can i put 2 Lithium  Battery in parallel ? Someone know ?

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    I'd say that it's advantage is keeping payload (ie. a camera) as compact as possible around the control hardware. The V lets you mount your camera up close to the same plane that the IMU lies in while avoiding getting your props in the shot.

  • A little of topic but is there any advantage of the octa V frame over the normal octagonal  frame?

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