Four modes switch for Futaba T6EX

The T6EX doesn't have a 3 position switch channel, so I had to combine channel 5 and 6 to get four modes. I made it work with a pot that has double terminals for each knob position, so that way there is always 2 pins to connect cables to for a single position.


Think of this knob as a bridge between same terminals: A to A, B to B, etc, closing the circuit to ground.

Channel 6 is connected to a terminal A and a terminal B from the opposite side.

Channel 5 is connected to a terminal B and C.


This is how the pot look like:



I got this switch at the Home Hardware in College st and and Spadina Av, Toronto, Canada. Sorry I don't have to much information about it. It's just a position knob.3689415103?profile=original

Later, in the radio, I set up 2 PMIX mixes. they appear as PMX 1 and 2. PMX 1 it's at +70%, MAS (for master) is channel 6, SLV is channel 5, SW is channel 5.

PMX 2 is set to -60%, MAS ch6, SLV ch5, SW to ch5.


The final look:



Let me know what is not clear and I will edit this blog!



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  • Huh! great! tell the admins so they replace my intructions with yours! at the time i had tried everything with no success
  • You can definitely use the menus in the radio to mix 2 position switch channel 6 into 2 position switch channel 5 to be able to select 4 different flight modes using the two switches. No hardware changes at all. I just did it and it works great. To do it make the Mix Master ch 6 and the Mix Slave ch5. I did 70% mix and it worked well and puts the PPM signals well within the brackets for four different flight modes.

    FYI Doing it this way means you can't use ch6 for anything else (bomb drop, camera shutter, etc).

  • Yes a Schematic would have been great :)


  • Could you attach a drawing like a schematic.  It doesn't have to be fancy, I'm having a hard time following along. Thanks

  • Thanks.

  • I'm not sure, try with programming the radio the way I did and without mounting the pot. I have a feeling it could work. Make sure to read the radio values on Mission Planner (radio tab) as you toggle the switches to be sure everything is fine.

  • Could you do 3 fight modes with the T6EX with out having to add a pot? and just mix 2-Two postion switches?

  • This radio is different than mine... I'm sure you can still make it work, and even get more modes out of it, but you can't follow my blog.

    By checking continuity on the switches with a tester you should be able to find which of the 3 cables is the ground, once you know that all you can do is solder the ground cables from channel 5 and 6 to the pot and then randomly try connecting the rest of the cables. Also you mix in the radio is going to be different.

    Good luck!

  • I dropped my Tx a while ago and broke the switch head for Channel 6 so now I use a servo screw for that. ops.

  • I use a Futabe 6EX actually. I hope the photo are clear enough for you to see.3692267618?profile=originalThe pot or switch I got from maplin is also in shot.

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