I am connecting the battery as usual and the APM 2.5 is not lighting up. I got home and started disconnecting everything from it and finally it worked. I checked the DF13 6 position connector (voltage regulator) and it seems to be ok. Has anybody had problems with this connector? The cable seems to be firmly attached to the power regulator and the APM... I don't have a reason to distrust it.

Thanks guys!

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Hi Estebanflyer,

I'm assuming your using a 3DR Power Module correct? Can you confirm the 3DR PM is putting out voltage at the DF13 connector?

Have you tried powering the APM board via an UBEC or ESC w/BEC without the 3DR PM?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Hi Nathaniel, yes, I'm using the 3DR PM. I measured voltage on the connector, some wires give 5.14v while others give 3.5v. I haven't tried using an ESC with BEC yet. If I want to try that I have to insert the jumper, right?

It's powering up just fine now, but I couldn't detect any error or reason why it wasn't powering up. Basically all I did was disconnect telemetry, GPS and receiver. Is there some internal lock in the APM?

Thanks for helping.

Sounds like your 3DR PM is OK. Yes if you use a UBEC or ESC w/BEC and you use it to power the APM 2.5, you need to use the jumper. Are you powering the servo rail separately now?

Before you try that, since you said the APM board powered up after removing the other components, let's try adding back one component at a time, starting with the receiver and then the GPS, finally the telemetry radio and let's see if we can isolate the problem.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Sounds good! so far the receiver and the ESC's are connected and it works fine. I have no servos connected to the APM yet. When I do they will be only signal cables. they will take power from a separate voltage regulator board that I am making.

Basically I started this conversation to see if somebody else was having the same issue or to see if there is something like a protection lock in the APM.

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