It happened right after the update to 1.1.37. It was working fine right before. This is how it looks like:

It's weird that it reads '1.1.22' on the top of the window. I downloaded 1.1.37 from the download page and opened MP from the downloaded folder.

Please help!!

thanks everybody

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1.1.22 is the original folder that would have been created when you downloaded and installed that version a couple months ago. That will never change unless you rename it. If you downloaded 1.1.37, and unzipped it, it should be in a folder called Mission Planner 1.1.37.

If multiple copies in different folders is confusing, I'd suggest deleting them all, and starting new by downloading and unzipping it again.

Yes, you've got some older folders lying around. As Don says, delete them and do a fresh unzip. Once you've downloaded it once, you should never need to download it again. The Mission Planner checks for new versions automatically and will update itself now. 

it works..... (feeling silly)

for some reason 1.1.37 needed to be downloaded as upposed to updated from MP.

Thank you Don!!

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