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  • I really liked this video. I just wish they had a version with German subtitles. ;)

  • Wiki Ninja

    Was it hard to fly in "formation" with the wingsuit guys?

  • Awesome video!

  • Awesome video!

  • again..  video perfection 

  • Developer

    Great stuff as always!

    If you are going to make a habit of following basejumpers down a cliff, I would suggest a pan&tilt setup for the HD camera. And a dedicated camera man controlling the P&T. Should make for some amazing footage.

  • yes, counter-rotating. check link above to fpvlab, there is a build log. 3.6kW (2x 1.8kW) 6S 12Ah, 200km/h Level speed

  • Developer

    Trappy... It's breathtaking!!! 5th time watching... Perfect decoupage of the scenes.

    WTH is that bi-motor wing setup?
    It looks freaking nice. Are they in counter-rotating?

  • Wow :)

    I live a few hours driving away from Kjerag, 1000 meter granite wall :).

    I am hoping to be able to perform similar filming there next year. I am to late for this season.

  • thanks Paul!

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