San Francisco, CA

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About one year into this hobby. Done the Bixler/Skywalker thing, now I'm venturing out.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Right now I'm all beer drone. In the past we had a team fly APM/FPV over burning man.


San Francisco

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Jeff Vyduna commented on Jeff Vyduna's blog post Tragic RC Helicopter Death in Brooklyn Park
"Today's NYPost cover is grotesque. Green annotation text is mine. Amazed they didn't call it a drone."
Sep 6, 2013
Jeff Vyduna posted a blog post
This picture is a frame from a prior FPV flight conducted (safely) by the victim.http://blogs.wsj.com/metropolis/2013/09/05/remote-control-helicopte... 19-year-old model helicopter enthusiast was killed Thursday when a toy…
Sep 5, 2013
Jeff Vyduna commented on Jeff Vyduna's blog post Need your ideas: Dynamic beer payload, high moment blade guards
"Ilya - Love the I term idea. I'll experiment with that. Certainly it should help with COG and throttle, but I'm guessing it might not help with wobbles.

earthpatrol & John - The parachute deployment has been really successful actually! 10 releases,…"
Jul 16, 2013
Jeff Vyduna posted a blog post
   I'm attempting to build a 9kg hex that can drop 6 beers on parachutes to people floating between houseboats on a lake. I need your ideas: How can I adjust the tuning parameters in-flight to account for the loss of 6 x 400g beers, which is 25% of…
Jul 15, 2013
Jeff Vyduna replied to Limebear (Rob)'s discussion Where to buy an assortment of spare nylon/plastic nuts and screws?
"(2013-05-28 update)
I found this place to have the best selection and prices:
I then filled in the gaps in stock from this place which is slightly more but has similar selection:
May 28, 2013
Jeff Vyduna commented on LFLoTiTo's blog post A simple solution for an old hazzard (prop start on setup)
"Great idea. What do you think about a generic inline 1-2A resettable circuit breaker? Solder it between XT60s or your power adapter of choice... Could work with any battery or wall supply, so you could easily take it to the field too. If it has a…"
Apr 22, 2013
Jeff Vyduna commented on John C.'s blog post The New 3DR Store Has Landed!
"It's a really big improvement, and I can tell you guys will be able to iterate quickly. Congrats!"
Apr 22, 2013
Jeff Vyduna commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Tutorial: Connecting other GPS modules to ArduPilot
"Hi Markus - I too had an unusually hard time figuring that out. I made this annotated excerpt from the Eagle files for APM 2.5."
Feb 22, 2013
Jeff Vyduna commented on Jeff Vyduna's blog post Ballistic Parachute Test. 60% Fail > 100% Fail
"Hi Veikko. Thanks - I like that. Some of the other parachute systems I've seen before used similar releases, but I really wanted to try a faster method. I don't know if I'll get there, but wouldn't it be great if you could fly with more confidence…"
May 21, 2012
Jeff Vyduna posted a blog post
 At Maker Faire, Chris said auto-land is a hard problem. While I don't have much to contribute to that yet, I did want to try deploying a ballistic parachute mid-air to bring a plane down. A few others have 
shared successful parachute systems…
May 20, 2012
Jeff Vyduna commented on trappy's blog post San Francisco [TBS@USA Grand Finale]
"You flew right over my house near Bernal :)"
May 11, 2012
Jeff Vyduna posted a discussion
(Original 4/20/12; Edited 3/16/13 to reflect a working configuration) tl;dr -Running Mission Planner via a Windows VM on Mac VMWare may report verification failures when loading firmware.The comments on this discussion were helpful.About a year…
Apr 20, 2012
Jeff Vyduna commented on trappy's blog post UAVs and Wingsuit Basejumpers
"Was it hard to fly in "formation" with the wingsuit guys?"
Apr 16, 2012
Jeff Vyduna commented on LemaLife's blog post San Francisco's Crissy Field
"Nice! I always assumed Crissy would be too windy, but it looks like you caught it during a perfect calm morning.
I've been flying at the huge open fields at Candlestick over the water."
Apr 16, 2012
Jeff Vyduna commented on trappy's blog post Slovenia FPV Vacation
"This is my favorite (Maldives is my second favorite). I watch these and just think: we all need to work on our artistry, holding interest, music (and sync) in our FPV vids."
Apr 8, 2012
Jeff Vyduna commented on Ron Curry's blog post How long will unregulated FPV and RC last?
"While becoming a private pilot, I was always surprised by the realities of see-and-avoid in non-towered airspace. Traffic is really hard to see, things happen fast, and the largest source of safety is simply the statistics of the situation.
Apr 8, 2012