Slovenia FPV Vacation

A couple of friends from Slovenia invited us to the wonderful Triglav National Reserve. We got filming and R/C flying permits for the day we were there, slept in a beautiful and very peaceful hut in the middle of the national reserve, and played a little bit with our toys :) was kind enough to put together a video of the weekend. Enjoy!

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  • Wiki Ninja

    This is my favorite (Maldives is my second favorite). I watch these and just think: we all need to work on our artistry, holding interest, music (and sync) in our FPV vids.

  • we fly with 2 cameras, one is the GoPro which doesnt work well at dawn used for recording only, one is the TBS69 which works well at dawn, used for the pilot view :)

  • How 'the hell' did you land in the end? :)

    Is it possible for you to share some video of your (pilot) point of view?

  • wasn't very far this time. About 5km max. Home is pretty easy to find with the EzOSD :)

  • Distributor

    wow another great one! 

    how far/high did you fly this time? 

    I would have been worried to find "home" with all these nice mountains!

    Next time you need to edit some ODS overlay for some interesting fist person perspective!  

  • Great view of some very impressive countryside.  As usual, you've outdone yourselves.


  • Beautiful footage! That national park looks like a wonderful place to fly.


    When can we expect a visit to the UK?

  • Moderator

    Amazing work!


    Greetings from Slovenia ;)

  • Amazing work guys! You've really come a long way in both your piloting and video editing skills. You've also managed to combine to awesome elements, FPV and tilt-shift! Bravo!!
  • Spectacular footage.  Professional editing.  You know, you might be onto something with this FPV thing!


    Well done.

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