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Tall, work in software

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been thinking about this for a while to try and get some way of finding out how bad the traffic is on the roads near my house

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James commented on trappy's blog post Death Valley (TBS @ USA Road Trip Chapter 3)
"Excellent video!

How come you didn't take the new plane out? Was it just the size, or is it still under development?"
Feb 16, 2012
James commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post X8 flying wing
"Want one... Want one badly."
Dec 14, 2011
James commented on trappy's blog post FPV Media Coverage
"Dear gods, it's a beast!! However, the way you have the GoPro set up makes a lot of sense. When can we start expecting 3D output from TBS?
Love the motor noise too."
Dec 1, 2011
James commented on trappy's blog post FPV Media Coverage
"Nice coverage!
One question: What was the twin motor wing you were working on in your cellar?"
Dec 1, 2011
James commented on Stephen Carlson's blog post My T3 Entry
"Looks good, and I'm impressed with the wing too! Do you mind if I attempt to build myself one at some point?"
Nov 25, 2011
James commented on Dany Thivierge's blog post CANADADRONES.COM is OPEN!
"Congratulations and good luck!"
Nov 24, 2011
James commented on IKE's blog post RC Avatar-like twin rotor heli from flite test
"It still looks cool though.
Face it, it would be fun to take out to the park on a still day."
Nov 15, 2011
James commented on trappy's blog post Slovenia FPV Vacation
"Beautiful footage! That national park looks like a wonderful place to fly.
When can we expect a visit to the UK?"
Nov 1, 2011
James commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Roundup/Review of all the EasyStar clones
"Just killed my AXN Floater.
Alas, no amount of carbon fibre reinforcing, hot glue, epoxy and duct tape will get it back in the air after that last crash. 
It is a good training airframe though, but I am not sure it would be the easiest plane to…"
Oct 12, 2011
James commented on Martint BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk's blog post Drone Zone II Meeting Guildford UK
"I might be able to tempt a couple of people down for that! Confirmation (from my wife) to follow!"
Oct 7, 2011
James posted a discussion
Morning all. My flying buddy and I are trying to finish off our APM build, but are running into a very odd problem, and we are not sure what could be causing it. That is normally a good reason to ask the internet, but I thought I would ask the…
Oct 1, 2011
James commented on Robert Niehay's blog post Buttoning up 98" MQ-9 Build
"Dear gods! It's huge!
What's the all-up weight of it currently, and what sort of endurance do you predict it will have?"
Sep 22, 2011
James commented on James's blog post UAVs at DSEi London 2011
"It seemed very sturdy, certainly the landing without gear didn't hurt it any (it was a bit grubby)! These was no damage to it that I could see either. Amazing design though; elliptical wings, V tail,very streamlined body with loads of internal…"
Sep 19, 2011
James commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Mission Planner upgrade -- get it for latest firmware
"Nice one Chris! Thanks!"
Sep 16, 2011
James posted a blog post
DSEi is the world's largest fully integrated security and defense exhibition, or at least that is what the website says. The claim is bold, but with over 1300 exhibitors from nearly 100 countries, the claim looks on paper to be valid. Once inside…
Sep 15, 2011
James commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduCopter pilot needed in London for conference on Oct 13
"I'll see if I can get down to town for it. Put me down as a possible please!"
Sep 13, 2011