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Mission Planner upgrade -- get it for latest firmware

3689424737?profile=originalDue to the recent shift from a Subversion to a Git repository, you'll need to use the latest versions of the Mission Planner to ensure that you'll be able to get the latest ArduPlane and ArduCopter firmware. Versions from 1.0.67 up will pull from the correct Git repository. 


Google Code has currently got a file download glitch, which they're working on. So in the meantime, I've put the latest version of the Mission Planner (1.0.68) in a public DropBox folder here.

UPDATE: The regular Google Code repository is now working again.


Once Google has got the download issue fixed, the Mission Planner will be available in the download section as usual. 

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    Once we come out of beta (maybe in the next week), the version revisions will slow down and you'll see more backwards compatibility. Right now the best advice is to use the latest version of everything. 


    Aside from that one-time changeover from Svn to Git at MP 1.0.66 a few weeks ago, this should be relatively automatic. I don't think it will be a big issue going forward.

  • Does MP show in any place minimum/recommended ACM/APM version required? A warning could be shown in case minimum requirements are not met.

    Does MP show in any place the firmware running in the copter/plane connected?

    If not, maybe it could be useful to add this information. People are mixing ACM and MP versions and it's driving them crazy.


    Michael, I don't know how you are able to keep the pace of acm developer's with all the changes in the last days :)

    Great job!

  • Developer

    i would go back to the older planner version if you are still running .42.
    v43 need planner .69+.


  • Michael thats on v42 cause I reverted back from v43 when i noticed something odd. Might just be my mistake. So for everyone on v42 we must use 1.0.68 and if we update to v43 we must use the new 1.0.69? Is this correct? I cant track the GIT but I think i remember the mode numbering has been changed. I hope no one will get issues with this mode change

  • Developer

    Jeff what firmware do you have on the APM? .42? .43 changes the mode numbers

  • Michael / Chris, I understand v69 was in preparation for v43 (simple mode tickbox) but I dont remember the modes changes on the v43. Why is it showing differently on Mission planner and CLI? Quite dangerous if this is true



    Saved Settings

    Flight modes
    Pos 0: RTL
    Pos 1: LOITER
    Pos 2: SIMPLE
    Pos 3: STABILIZE
    Pos 4: CIRCLE
    Pos 5: ALT_HOLD


    Mission Planner:



    Only Stabilize was correct

  • Developer

    please download the latest planner from the link in the blog post above.

  • it's been long (more than one week) , I have not update MP.. still version 1.0.66. today I can't upgrade using MP, it still says 1.0.66 after 10 attempts. what should I do?

  • I had to use different PCs as was having difficulties with frame rates. The Sim PC is already a bit overloaded :-(


    But even on same PC has problem of data not going both ways. Will ask Michael about this.


  • 3D Robotics

    Yikes. Different PCs for APM and X-Plane! I've got no idea how that works--I've never tried that (maybe ask Michael Oborne). Why not use the same PC?


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