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I am a designer & mechanical engineer.

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I document my UAV endeavors in my blog here: http://uavs.gr . I am also the founder/editor of http://robotpig.net and a member of Robots association, http://robohub.org / http://robotspodcast.com


Stamata Attiki Greece

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IKE posted a blog post
Using quadrocopters and some rope, researchers have woven together a bridge strong enough to walk across. Made at the ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena in Switzerland, the bridge joins two scaffolds, and is the first full-scale load-bearing structure…
Sep 18, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
James Bowles has been crowned UK champion following the first UK FPV drone racing national event organised by the British FPV drone racing association. The event was held at RAF Barkston Heath near Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK, last week.Read more on…
Sep 9, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a new algorithm for robustly controlling a tailsitter flying machine in hover position.Read more on Robohub
Jun 4, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
Τhis video shows tethered quadrocopters flying steadily together at high speeds exceeding 50 km/h in a confined space. With the tether exerting more than 13 gs of centripetal force, multiple quadrotors are able to fly 1.7m- radius circular…
May 5, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
In a 9-page legal letter, with 28 itemized conditions and limitations, the FAA issued an exemption to Amazon to enable Prime Air to test in US airspace.The FAA letter, dated April 8th, was filled with pages of legalese, but still limits testing to…
Apr 13, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
Researchers from the Robotics and Perception Group from the University of Zurich, developed a new technology that allows a quadrotor to automatically recover and stabilize from any initial condition without relying on external infrastructure like…
Mar 30, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
During a two-day conference in Riga, the European aviation community found broad agreement on the main principles to guide the regulatory framework to allow RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) operations throughout Europe from 2016…
Mar 28, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
This fall, Fjuze – an entertainment company from the Netherlands – hopes to launch a massive drone entertainment show at the Amsterdam Arena. Aptly called AIR, the event is slated to feature an as yet unspecified (but presumably large) number of…
Feb 12, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
Canada’s relatively favorable framework for commercial UAV operations is attracting interest among foreign operators who are frustrated with restrictions in their home jurisdictions. The following provides a breakdown of Canadian regulations…
Jan 12, 2015
IKE posted a blog post
This 5-minute short film featuring quadrotors was produced in collaboration between the entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, researchers at ETH Zurich’s Flying Machine Arena, and their spin-off company Verity Studios. Everything you see is real —…
Sep 22, 2014
IKE posted a blog post
Six months ago, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippine’s South East coast. Now Drone Adventures is helping the reconstruction effort by providing much-needed aerial maps of the region.Read the full article on…
May 7, 2014
IKE posted a blog post
Drone Adventures teamed up with Taichi Furuhashi, researcher at the Center for Spatial Information Science at the University of Tokyo and mapped three unique towns in Fukushima district: Iidate village, Hisanohama, and Tomioka.Read more below about…
Apr 2, 2014
IKE commented on IKE's blog post Onboard quadrocopter failsafe: flight after actuator failure
"The link of the Robohub article mentioned above is now updated:
Take a look and don't forget to also read the comments with direct replies from Mark W. Mueller, the main…"
Mar 4, 2014
IKE posted a blog post
This video presents the latest iteration of  IDSC's Flying Machine Arena failsafe algorithm (previous post here). In this video there's a pilot flying the quadrocopter while the algorithm is executed on the quadrocopter's onboard micro-controller.…
Mar 3, 2014
IKE commented on IKE's blog post Quadrocopter failsafe algorithm
"Jan take a look at the comments ;)
it may use the Vicon room at the video but it can be of use with only the on board AHRS"
Dec 4, 2013
IKE posted a blog post
Mark Mueller from the Flying Machine Arena website and the IDSC presents on Robohub a new failsafe algorithm that enables a quad to remain under control even after the loss of a propeller. The video shows up a quad that intentionally loose a…
Dec 3, 2013